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Eight Examples Of Popular Marketplaces

Eight examples of popular marketplaces: The largest marketplace platforms have advantages and disadvantages for sellers. We recommend you to know, try and obtain your results for your company’s growth and your profits.

1. Alibaba

If you want to target the B2B sector specifically, Alibaba is the best-known and most used marketplace. In this portal, you do not sell articles to individuals; as a company, you sell your service and products.

 Advantages Of Selling On Alibaba

  • You can find companies from all over the world that offer their products and with which you can establish a working relationship as a supplier or franchise.
  • It has a large number of users. As of December 2021, its platforms recorded some 1.28 billion annual active users. Eight Examples Of Popular Marketplaces

Disadvantages of selling on Alibaba

  • Despite its incredible reach, this can be a competitive aspect regarding rates and customer attraction. Therefore, your product must not only be excellent or different but also have a competitive price compared to other companies. Consider that you must pay a membership to be a better seller on Alibaba.

2. Amazon Business

Amazon is one of the best-known companies in the world for its reach in online sales. As a complement to the Prime version, the platform created by Jeff Bezos launched a version called Amazon Business

Advantages of selling on Amazon Business

  • As a company, you can see the products offered without the tax included. It has a fast shipping facility with which you can guarantee the delivery of your products in less than two days. Eight Examples Of Popular Marketplaces
  • Amazon Business has less competition than the standard version, so you have a greater chance of gaining recognition and making purchases.

Disadvantages of selling on Amazon Business

  • There are fewer purchases as there is no personal purchase option. Its scope is limited. Although you can access offices in Europe, Spain, and the United States, it can be difficult to position yourself in areas of Latin America due to its reduced scope.

3. Amazon Prime

 Amazon Prime can be considered a mixed marketplace since sales can be made between businesses. Private sellers have the same opportunity.

 Advantages of selling on Amazon Prime

  • The original platform can be handy if you want to reach your products and position yourself without investing in advertising or digital infrastructure.
  • It has everything you need so you can make profits in various regions.

Disadvantages of selling on Amazon Prime

  • The payment of your sales can take up to 15 days. As you do not own your profile, you must pay a commission to Amazon to continue trading. Otherwise, the platform may decide to close your account.

4. Free Market

Mercado Libre is one of the largest companies in Latin America. Its turn is mainly focused on the B2C and C2C models, where anyone who wants to sell a new or used product can do so. Eight Examples Of Popular Marketplaces

 Advantages of selling on Mercado Libre

  • Your investment in publishing may be very little or none.

Your products, as they position themselves, could appear in the regular Google search.

  • The marketplace has a reputation system that aims to show buyers the concept of a seller: if he delivers his products on time, if he is an excellent seller, etc.

 Disadvantages of selling on Mercado Libre

  • This marketplace usually advocates more for the client than for the seller. Especially if he decides to request a refund despite having used the product. The cost of commissions is high. Mercado Libre charges per sale, and they have different percentages if you are a classic or premium user.

5. Facebook Marketplace

 After analyzing the scope of digital markets, Facebook decided to integrate and implement the same business model within the social network through Facebook Marketplace.

Advantages of selling on Facebook Marketplace

  • You can only access it through your Facebook account. It shows priority products that are close to your location. Eight Examples Of Popular Marketplaces
  •  It does not require any investment unless you are a company, which must be linked to the Facebook Advertising section.

Disadvantages of selling on Facebook Marketplace

  • It automatically limits the search range to the locality, so unless you are looking for something specific, it will show you products for sale within 200 kilometers of your home.

6. Etsy

This is a more specific marketplace since it takes a niche with which it seeks to generate transactions since handicrafts and articles developed by independent producers are sold on this platform. 

Advantages of selling on Etsy

  • The competition is not between brands but between products.
  • It’s a pretty agile platform.
  • It has different resources to support independent producers.

Disadvantages of selling on Etsy

  • This is a limited audience.
  • It does not have excellent visibility in the network.
  • It is a limited platform since it handles basic logistics and does not even have warehouses.

7. eBay

It has been a pioneering platform in commercial transactions on the Internet since it was founded in September 1995; since then, it has promoted the sale of articles on its portal. 

Advantages of selling on eBay

  • It has a significant global presence; it manages 190 markets. It has a broad audience to market the products.
  • It is a reputable, secure site that gives reliability to both parties.

Disadvantages of selling on eBay

  • It has lost strength because it has not been renewed.
  • Fees or commissions are usually high.
  • You don’t have much control over the platform and need to keep very organized inventories. Eight Examples Of Popular Marketplaces

8. Shopee

Shopee is a modern platform that emerged in Singapore in 2015 and is reaching other markets in Europe and Latin America. 

Advantages of selling on Shopee

  • It has an intuitive and dynamic platform.
  • You achieve excellent visibility of your products.
  • There are constant promotions that boost your sales.
  • It stands out for its support and help center.

Disadvantages of selling on Shopee

  • Although it handles various categories, its catalogue is more limited than other platforms.
  • It is not considered a global platform yet because it does not have as much presence in many markets.

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