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Facebook And The Release of IOS 14

Facebook And The Release of IOS 14: Apple has announced a series of changes associated with iOS 14 that will impact the way we receive and process conversion events from tools like Facebook. Organizations that advertise mobile app, as well as those that do optimization, Targeting, and reporting, will be hurt by these changes.

Exactly, Apple will begin to claim that each of the applications in the App Store that perform what the company defines as “monitoring” notifies users of iOS 14 devices. Apple’s policy will only allow the collection and distribution of specific data if authorized monitoring of these devices utilizing the notice. As more people opt out of tracking on iOS 14 devices, ad personalization and performance reporting will be restricted regarding conversion events.

We’ll start processing pixel conversion events from iOS 14 devices using aggregate event measurement. This way, you can continue safeguarding users’ privacy and publishing effective campaigns.

HOW Does The IOS 14 Change Affect Facebook Ads Campaign?

Ad campaigns on Facebook will be damaged above all in 3 environments:

1. The Setup Of The Campaigns

Considering that there is a limitation of 8 events per domain will be necessary. It will be essential to order those eight events based on the priorities of the trade because if the client does not accept, only one will be counted and replaced by the next one.

2. In The Improvement And Targeting Of The Campaigns:

The default conversion window will decrease from 28 days post-click and 1 day post-view to 7 days post-click and 1 day post-view.

If it was already essential to use broad audiences, now it is even more critical since the magnitude of the personalized audiences will also be reduced.

3. Measurement And Division Of Campaigns

The 28-day post-click attribution window no longer exists, and we will only be able to see post-view conversions for one day, resulting in decreased conversion volume and increased CPAs. Facebook And The Release of IOS 14

We will not be able to see the breakdown of conversions. Therefore, we will need more time to have such information to optimize the campaigns and segment them.

What Should Advertisers Do To Avoid Being Affected?

Even though the purpose of the media campaign was clear, more is needed. Facebook has had to obey this choice by Apple and adopt a series of measures to try to reduce the natural effect on the results of its advertisers.

Suppose the advertiser has the events in the app. In that case, they must update the SDK to version 8.1 and make an event configuration scheme for Apple’s SKAd Network to calculate and optimize the events of the application, the cost, and the downloads of mobile applications with application events.

In those cases where the events are configured on the website, the following steps will be necessary: Facebook And The Release of IOS 14

Check The Domain In The Business Manager.

To check the domain, we have to go to Domain Settings, Brand Security, and choose how we want to verify it (through HTML, DNS, or Meta Tag).

Once this is done, we have to share it with our partner Business Manager and associate it with the fan page. Facebook And The Release of IOS 14

Plan The Order Of The Eight Events To Be Counted In All Domains.

This will be done in the first place by Facebook. However, it will be possible to modify it from the Events Manager. Facebook And The Release of IOS 14

As we mentioned earlier, if the client does not allow monitoring, only one event can be recorded, so we must plan which event is our highest priority in each domain.

Keep In Mind The Change In The Default Attribution Window For Data Study, Reporting, And Improvement.

As we mentioned, we went from 28 days post-click and 1-day post view to 7 days post-click and 1-day post view. Facebook And The Release of IOS 14

What does this change mean at the business level? Well, in each of the sales recorded between the 8th and the 28th, for the moment, they will not fall into the conversions of the campaign. In short, the costs per result will be increased.

Retest Improvement Variables

With the change in the previous point and the decrease in audiences, nothing that we had tested will work the same, so it is necessary to organize tests again to test.

Check Improvement Rules

At this point, the same thing happens as in the last fact about the rules, and we will have to review them to see if the attribution window that we had applied corresponds to the one we will now have by default.

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