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What Keywords To Choose For My Positioning

What Keywords To Choose For My Positioning: We are also known as competitive SERP analysis, Google SERP, or user intent. For those starting, we will tell you that the acronym SERP comes from the English Search Engine Results Page, that is, the results that the search engine returns with the search terms entered.

When we select the keywords, we are clear that they are those for which we want to be found according to our activity and even more so if our competition already appears. But if you want to gain traffic, you need to understand the search intent of your keyword.

Let’s start with an elementary example. Suppose we are a travel agency and want to position ourselves with this term. In that case, the first thing we will do is type it into Google and see what suggestions of results it gives us for our period, with which we will already have a battery of similar terms that people search for. 

See if there is one that also fits us or is “less ambitious” by adding the words in bold (Online, international, Spain, offers…)

In addition, in the case of such a general term searched on Google, there is already progress with icons of the leading travel agencies, which is different and only happens for general terms. What Keywords To Choose For My Positioning 

Then we must look at the results it shows. In our example, as it identifies that we are looking for something “specific” for the overall development, it shows news from the most significant websites first, which is not relevant, but notice that a map with a geographical area is also shown, which indicates that The first thing we must do is register our company in Google My Business so that we can offer ourselves to clients. Otherwise, we would already have lost this search. What Keywords To Choose For My Positioning 

Next, the results are shown by the list of travel agencies companies and where in their titles and description they include the terms travel agency, as can be seen in bold to highlight it. So the title and description must consist of this search string.

On other occasions, if videos or photos are shown first, we must create videos or name photos on our page so that Google assumes these elements and we have more options for the position.

We must be careful and identify if the results match what we expect because they may not show what we want, and we must redirect which keywords to choose for our web positioning. What Keywords To Choose For My Positioning 

We could also dive into each page of this SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) to further analyze how each satisfies user intent and what we need to contribute to our content.

SERP Features And Metrics

In addition to looking at search results to determine user intent, it also helps your competitive analysis by looking at SERP metrics. By metrics, we mean parameters such as:

  • The link metrics of all ranking pages. Analysis with specific tools of the links that each of the natural results shown has.
  • Difficulty with the keywords. Depending on the volume of results and the pages’ domain authority, we can analyze how difficult or easy it will be to compete with a particular search term. We must be realistic about the difficulty of specific words. 
  • If we are willing to allocate the economic resources and the time it will take to position ourselves with said terms.
  • SERP Features, such as Featured Snippets and “People Also Ask” boxes.

In our tools, we analyze how difficult the positioning of these terms can be by exploring the pages that already appear where we observe data such as page authority, external links to that page, domain authority, content size of the page in question… that allows us to measure in some way with whom we are going to fight and if it is an appropriate “fighter” for us and thus determine which key terms to choose for our web positioning more straightforwardly and realistically.

When a client provides us with a list of keywords for positioning, we make the SERP analysis report where we present the following data, depending on the type of SEO campaign contracted: What Keywords To Choose For My Positioning 

  • Monthly Keyword Volume – A very accurate estimate of how many times per month people search for a keyword within a specific region and search engine.
  • Difficulty of the keywords: a score from 1 to 100 indicates the difficulty of SEO positioning for that specific keyword.
  • Organic CTR – An estimate of how many customers or users click on a website result on that SERP. That is, if it had that position, how many users would enter the web?
  • Priority – A general estimate of the keyword’s potential value based on other metrics like Difficulty, Volume, and CTR. 

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