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Google Reviews Affect Your Business.

Google Reviews Affect Your Business. Today, about 92% of consumers between 18 and 35 say that Google reviews influence their online shopping decisions.

Consumers tend to trust online reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations. For this reason, we can consider that reviews on Google are a double-edged sword for companies (if they are positive and managed well, they can attract new customers, if they are not handled correctly or are negative, they can be a source of problems for companies).

Positive Reviews And Negative Reviews

Positive reviews not only improve a company’s reputation but also have many other benefits for business. For example, they help optimize search engine positioning and boost sales.

On the other hand, positive and negative reviews are a great way to get feedback from our customers. Through their feedback, companies can learn what can be improved, what is not meeting customer expectations, and what they are doing well and should not change.

If you already have an optimized corporate web design and a good web positioning strategy, now is the time to start managing your reviews on Google. And no, we are not talking about buying positive reviews or removing negative thoughts.

These Reviews Affect Your Business

Google reviews affect your business. In addition to being specialized in web development, our company can also help you make a customer tracking system focused on improving Google My Business reviews. This service encourages your positive votes through reviews on Google and other portals.

These follow-ups have proven to improve the number of reviews and quality. In this way, companies can show their potential customers that other customers have already used their products and services and have been satisfied.

Now that you know how Google reviews affect your business, we will explain how the Review Tracking service works. All the advantages it has for customer loyalty and attracting potential customers. Pay attention!

How The Review Tracking Service Works

Although it seems very difficult to achieve, it is possible to influence your company’s customers to get them to leave a good review about the business and the products or services purchased. For them, there are managers specialized in monitoring customer satisfaction and reviews.

When the customer purchases the product or service, he must give his name and contact email. After a while, an email is sent to you thanking you for your visit or purchase and inviting you to rate your experience in a simple vote ranging from 1 to 5.

If the customer rates their experience with 4 or 5 stars, the system will send them directly to the Google My Business review platform so that they can also leave their rating here and, if they wish, leave a review.

However, if the score is lower, between 1 and 3 stars, the system redirects the customer to a private satisfaction form. The review submitted in this form will not be reflected on Google My Business or any other review platform.

This last point is exciting for companies to detect dissatisfied customers and what are the reasons why their products or services may not meet customer expectations.

Through this review management system, customer opinions are channeled, showing the positive ones publicly and leaving the negative ones private. In the same way, users are given the feeling that the company values ​​their opinion.

Investment in these review systems is meager compared to your great return. In addition, it is an independent platform from the web, so it can also be hired by companies that do not have an online presence, such as bars or restaurants.

Also, most companies that offer this service allow the registration of several locations of the same business. In this way, companies can also monitor the degree of customer satisfaction in each of their delegations or premises.

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