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How To Sell On WhatsApp

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, it has continued growing, incorporating new features. This social network is one of the priorities of the technological giant. It currently has more than 2,000 million users in the world. 

There are around 25 million active people, of whom, according to a 2020 Statista survey, 87% say they use it several times a day, demonstrating the enormous potential of this messaging system to deliver your company’s products and services to customers and users. How To Sell On WhatsApp 

But you still don’t know how to use it and get the most benefit in your business.

We give you three keys to selling on WhatsApp and getting the most out of it.

Communicate Your Priority.

As we have already told you, WhatsApp is not only an instant messaging service. It is also a compelling social network with an even better reputation than other networks such as Facebook or Instagram. In the era of conversational marketing, a new dimension of digital marketing based on interaction with brand users, WhatsApp allows you to establish a close and personal relationship with your company’s customers. 

It will serve you to offer your products, accompany them during the purchase process, and as a powerful post-sale customer service tool. And we know that a satisfied customer is a customer with a high chance of repeating a transaction and becoming the best ambassador for your brand. How To Sell On WhatsApp 

Use It Sparingly

Refrain from making mass publications. Refrain from falling into the temptation of bombarding your clients with generic messages. Users receive daily, through different means, a multitude of advertising impacts that we neither request nor are interested in and do not tolerate well. How To Sell On WhatsApp 

If a medium we use mainly to communicate saturates us with depersonalized and lacking-in-interest messages, the risk you may run is that your proposals will be identified as spam and blocked, producing the opposite effect to the desired one; loss of customers who may become haters of your brand. Our advice is to segment your customers by interest, offer valuable content and personalize your company’s communications as much as possible.

Take Care Of The Style

And when we say style, we refer to both the way of communicating with the texts and images. It is essential that the wording of the readers of your messages is clear, concise, legible, and grammatically correct, and limit the use of capital letters as much as possible, using them only when necessary. 

Remember, capital letters in messages are interpreted as yelling. And as for the image, both the profile photo of your company and the pictures that you incorporate into the statements must be adjusted to the characteristics of your client and be aesthetically attractive and inspiring. How To Sell On WhatsApp 

Sell ​​By WhatsApp Business

To make account management more straightforward, WhatsApp in 2017 introduced WhatsApp Business. It is an application designed to help companies instantly contact their customers. Its download is free for both Android and Apple. 

With this tool, you can communicate quickly with your customers, create catalogs of your products and services, run promotions, automate and organize messages, and offer them fast and efficient customer service. How To Sell On WhatsApp 

How To Install WhatsApp Business

Its installation is straightforward, and you must download the application from Google Play for Android users and the App Store if you are from Apple. Once installed, you need a unique phone number for the account, or you can use your account as a business account. 

We recommend that you use two different accounts. Next, register the name of your company. It would be best if you did it correctly because WhatsApp will not allow you to change it. How To Sell On WhatsApp 

Once installed, your business can already benefit from its multiple 

  • Interactivities: interact with.
  • Createompanies, create welcome and.
  • Access messages, a.
  • Centralize tics, centralize messages from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Createessenger, create a.
  • Enable log and enable a payment system, among others.

We attach the WhatsApp usage guide here so you can learn first-hand all the features of this tool that will indeed become essential in managing your business.

There are many benefits that WhatsApp Business will bring to your company.

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