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How To Use Instagram And Snapchat Filters In Your Communication Strategy?

How To Use Instagram And Snapchat Filters In Your Communication Strategy? With the development of digital and the constant improvement of social networks, applications such as Instagram or Snapchat have become essential means of communication. They are also marketing panels very popular with companies. 

To ensure that they reach the most significant number of users, the latter have integrated the creation and use of filters at the heart of their marketing strategies. But to achieve this, you need to know how to use filters.

The Use Of Geolocated Filters On Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most used communication tools. There are 100 million active users every month. Any brand wishing to exchange content with its consumers can therefore adopt it. It should be noted, however, that the content posted on Snapchat is ephemeral. This is why interactions on this social network occur in a close communication climate.

Brands wishing to increase their e-reputation can use geolocated filters on Snapchat. These filters are the ideal channel for reaching Internet users in a specific region through geolocation. You must identify a photo by mentioning the place it was taken using specific stickers.

The filters used in such circumstances work with the principle of geofencing. They only activate when the application has access to your location. Any attempt at cheating is therefore impossible in such circumstances.

The main advantage of geotagged filters is that they allow you to have photos that are out of the ordinary. The designs, logos and evocative texts that constitute them differ from place to place and city to city. The Internet user’s attention can be easily captured using texts, funny emoticons or images.

In addition to this advantage, geolocated filters allow you to strengthen your digital presence. For example, when a Snapchat user uses your brand logo to customize a photo to post, it expands your audience. Your brand benefits from additional publicity regarding the people who will view this user’s snap.

Geolocated filters can today be considered the new distribution channel for your marketing campaigns. There are many interests associated with this strategy. They all lead to a considerable improvement in your digital notoriety. You can also use them to promote your events, for example.

All social media filters, whether on Instagram or Snapchat, using augmented reality. Whether it is to display filters on a face in selfie mode or whether it is with the rear camera of your phone to detect a plan or an image, you will be able to add additional elements to reality (adding text, video, music, 2D, 3D, etc.) 

Share Your Filters With Stories On Instagram.

Like Snapchat, Instagram is one of the social networks arousing unprecedented enthusiasm among young people. Many common points connect these two networks. When used wisely, your brand’s digital reputation grows. On Instagram, for example, you can publish stories to attract customers.

Several additional options accompanying your stories posts can help you improve your audience. By way of illustration, we can cite:

  • Temperature,
  • Time,
  • Geolocation,
  • The stickers,
  • The drawing,
  • Lenses,
  • The text.

In addition to using filters on your Instagram stories, you also have the possibility to:

  • Add GIFs,
  • Integrate a selfie sticker in your advertisements
  • Make lives and broadcast live content.

All these options are an added value for the communication strategies of the brands on Instagram. In addition to increasing your online visibility, they improve your engagement rate.

This is also the way to turn to location-based marketing. As a result, all users close to your location can get in touch with you through your stories.

Better, all your posts published on Instagram can be relayed on Facebook and Twitter. You, therefore, have excellent communication channels to improve your e-reputation on all fronts.

Augmented Reality Filters

Using Instagram and Snapchat filters in augmented reality offers many advantages for brands on these social networks. You must first create unique and original filters to seduce Internet users and attract many customers. Thus, you will be able to reach an ever-growing audience.

These filters create the perfect link between your social media presence and your business activity. Two positive consequences emerge from this. At first glance, your interactions with Internet users are significantly improved. Then, your sales and turnover are boosted.

Creating authentic and original filters allows you to stand out from other brands and highlight the elements that make your business firm. The more out of the ordinary your filters are, the more they will be used. This constitutes a permanent mode of publicity.

Many artists today use these augmented reality filters to communicate with their fans and launch viral dynamics, especially for a clip or album launch.

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