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Photoshop And Illustrator Coming To iPad

Photoshop And Illustrator Coming To iPad: Good news awaits users of “apple” technology, full-fledged Photoshop and Illustrator will come to iOS and the operating system presented specifically for the iPad. As stated by Adobe itself, these are “real” products, not previously available applications with minimal functionality. Although one should disagree, the presented solutions will not repeat 100% the functionality of their desktop counterparts.

The user interface, as expected, consists of standard panels, and will be familiar to designers. On the left is a panel with tools, on the right – the layers panel, working with text and other additional panels. But artists may be disappointed, because the iPad version at the moment will lack the “brush” tool, so it will not be possible to paint. According to representatives of Adobe, this “flatbed” Photoshop is mainly intended for photo retouching, color correction, and some other operations. However, there is good news: for testing, the user is given 30 days of free use, after the expiration of the period, he will have to pay or enter his Adobe credentials, with a paid Creative Cloud subscription. … There is still no known release date for Photoshop for iPad, but Adobe promises to make a release early next year, in addition, support for the Apple Pencil and the brush tool and pressure control has already been announced.

In addition to raster graphics, fans of vector illustration, Adobe Illustrator is also waiting for the release. However, for those who are thirsty, they will have to wait at least until the fall of 2020, at least according to the assurances of the developer company. The tablet version of Illustrator will also differ from the desktop version, due to the way it works with the touch interface and the capabilities of the Apple Pencil. Judging from the available screenshots provided by Adobe, the editor’s interface will also be as close as possible to the desktop analog and will significantly repeat the functionality of its brother. As specified by Adobe itself, the “new” Illustrator will receive the function of converting previously created sketches into vector form.

It is important to note that mobile analogs of popular programs will receive backward compatibility with files created on desktop versions of programs. Thus, it can be assumed that in some use cases this will be convenient to work with. You can create a file on your computer and then continue editing it on your iPad without having access to your desktop PC.

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