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Twenty Tips For Growing Your Business On Instagram

1. Draw A Strategy:

Twenty Tips For Growing Your Business: Once you have decided to create a company on Instagram to reach potential customers, and it is time to create an impact strategy. What are my goals? What audience am I targeting? What types of posts will get me more engagement and engagement from my followers?

2. Optimize Your Profile:

Before publishing on any social network, the profile must be as complete as possible: Include your URL in the comments and on your profile to improve traffic to your website. Keep your profile public so that everyone can enter. Use your company logo as your profile picture. Use a username related to your company, which is the same or similar to Twitter.

3. Be True To Your Corporate Identity:

Each company has an identity and a brand image, and this must be continuous. The freelancer’s job is to focus his efforts on transmitting this image of the business and not corrupt it. That is, you have to have a defined personality.

4. Use Geolocation:

Instagram allows geographically locating the place where a photograph or video is taken. Adding this badge to posts allows customers to locate the business and decide if they are interested in coming to the establishment.

5. Interact With Your Followers:

As the business manager, the freelancer must communicate with their potential clients through photos and videos. It’s convenient to comment on followers’ images, like their photos, and reply when they leave a comment.

6. Reward Your Customers:

Instagram is an interesting place to offer exclusive coupons and discounts, thus encouraging customers to follow the business account. Depending on how many customers use these coupons, the freelancer will be able to measure the importance and relevance of their account. 

7. Create Community :

If the intention is to attract the public’s attention, it is necessary to create a positive community where followers can post information and communicate with each other. It is important to ban and delete all negative content that has no place in the account. It is the best way to leave space for interesting and positive comments.

8. Don’t Sell A Product; Sell An Experience:

The trend that is most on the rise in this social network is to show the most liveable aspects of the business, such as what can be done with the product or service offered by the brand. It is interesting to publish photos and videos of people using them. 

9. Be Consistent On Instagram For Business:

It is vital to be constant on this social network. If your clientele sees that you hardly upload publications anymore, they will think that the business is not going well or that you have closed. In addition, Instagram followers expect you to provide them with daily content. 

10. Don’t Post Too Much:

In the same way, you have to be careful when publishing massively. Filling the timeline with followers is also not a good idea. As the account grows and you start to gain more followers, it will be more attractive and less disruptive to start adding more posts.

11. Get The Most Out Of Hashtags:

Hashtags (or tags) are an important feature of Instagram, so it is important to know how to use them correctly in your posts. Be strategic with labels. Studies and statistics show that using between 3 and 5 hashtags is optimal for this social network. There are specialized pages to search for the most followed hashtags according to the field in which you move.

12. Use Mentions Good Feedback From Followers :

It essential for the proper functioning of any corporate social network. It is imperative to use the ‘@’ mentions for this to happen. Mentioning followers, associated companies, suppliers, or famous personalities will increase the circle of the impact of the account. 

13. Show The Most Human Side Of Your Business:

It is becoming increasingly clear that consumers like to discover the most human side of the business and get to know the faces of those behind their favorite brands. For this reason, it is necessary to publish more every day and less professional aspects of the company.

14. Keep A Stock Of Fun Images Of Your Business:

Use images to tell stories about your business. Twenty Tips For Growing Your Business It’s not all about having fun, nor is it all about work. Something fun happens every day in the offices and the stores that can be shown to the potential client. 

15. Use The Power Of Video:

Instagram also allows you to post videos of up to 15 seconds. Twenty Tips For Growing Your Business Even if they are short, videos allow you to show your product or service in an original and fun way. 

16. Do A “Sneak Peek” :

The sneak peek, at the marketing level, is the opportunity to see something that is not yet available. Show pictures of something that is happening but not yet active or for sale. So your followers will look forward to it more eagerly. 

17. Do Contests And Giveaways:

Increase the number of followers. Make your profile known among new users under the prescription of those who already know you. Increase the interaction of your publications. Generate content around your brand or company on Instagram and monitor it under a hashtag. Power your brand. 

18. Thank Your Employees:

Show that in your business, you are a family. Uploading photos of employees thanking them for their efforts helps to enhance the brand image. 

19. Also, Thank Your Customers:

If you have already thanked your employees for their effort and dedication, you cannot forget to thank your customers for their love for the brand.

20. Lean On Other Social Networks:

Especially when starting, you must spread your Instagram content for companies on other networks such as Facebook or Twitter to reach more people. 

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