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Linked In Cover Photo, Why Is It Important, And How To Be Different?

Linked In Cover Photo, Why Is It Important, And How To Be Different? has more than 700 million registered users, which still lags behind Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok. Still, we must not forget that Linked in serves primarily for entrepreneurs and has a more serious character than the mentioned (more popular) social networks.

A platform that should facilitate communication at a professional level, connect entrepreneurs, and create space for companies that want to get new employees or for people looking for a job.

There is also a first impression associated with finding a new job, which is crucial, especially in personal life. Still, the Linked in platform is no exception when you have to attract a potential employer, employee, or business partner.

How Are You? Can You Brag About Your Linked In Profile?

It’s essential to keep one thing in mind for your profile visitors! This is the cover photo that represents you. Nothing happens if you don’t have a cover photo on your profile. However, if you want to make new contacts, the cover photo can speed up this process.

What Should The Cover Photo Meet?

The recommended size of the cover photo is 1584 x 369 pixels, taking into account the quality. Pay attention to the file size, which should not exceed 8MB, and maintain a 4: 1 aspect ratio. 

Don’t Be Scared!

Although Linked in ensures content responsiveness depending on the device on which you are currently using the application, the cover photo is displayed very differently on a computer and a mobile phone, covering a little more of your photo (approximately ¾ photos). If you want elements in your cover photo, such as logo, slogan, etc., to be visible, focus on the right part of the image.

What Should The Cover Photo Contain?

As a primary element for a “cover photo,” you can use any image/photo, but do not forget to pinch the seriousness and identity of your profile. However, if you lack creativity, we have a few tips on how to attract.

If you don’t want a boring profile, the simplest solution is an abstract image that differentiates your profile from others and makes it memorable.

Do you belong to a group of more conservative people? A suitable picture for you may be a simple picture with your name, e-mail address, list of services you offer, etc.

If you like to present your values, use a quote that describes you, motivates you, something that is your life motto.

A photo from your personal life, reflecting your hobbies, hobbies, and various leisure activities, can also be a suitable alternative.

For example, do business and offer your services only within your city / neighborhood. You will not step aside when you use the panorama in your town, where you operate as a background for your cover photo. It will look professional.

Boldly use a photo of your work team, community, employees, or an image with clients.

If you’re brave enough, don’t hesitate to add a happier photo of yourself to your cover photo to make it easier for your profile.

Do you work with more exciting tools than just a computer? Visitors to your profile can be interested in working tools, so don’t be afraid to try this kind of cover photo.

Do you have anything to brag about? Show off! If you have received an award or certificate that is your pride and can help you make new contacts, here is your chance and space to present.

What does your company represent? Present your business with a cover photo and get interesting!

I Was Wondering Where And How You Will Create Your Cover Photo? 

Answer: straightforward and anywhere! Today, there are countless tools and applications in which even the largest graphic amateur can create a cover photo according to their ideas. All you have to do is find the one you like best.

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