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Quart Technologies Continues To Work During Quarantine Days Thanks To Microsoft Technologies.

The company ” Quarta Technologies, “as an organization operating in the field of information technology, continues to work on quarantine days, during standard business hours – from 9:30 to 18:30.

Thanks to Microsoft’s flawlessly working tools and technologies (VDI, RDP, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Azure), the company has built a seamless remote office experience.

Since there are many questions from customers now, here are the answers to the most popular ones:

1. How Are You Working Now?

The company works in remote access mode; employees process orders, answer mail-phone-chat, make shipments, and provide technical support. Of course, there are some differences from the standard office mode, but we will try to make them as convenient as possible for you. Details will be communicated to you by your manager.

2. Do Product Delivery Times Change?

Due to the situation in the city, delivery times for many products may be increased. Please check with your manager for dates and consider when planning. We will be grateful if you provide the manager with your plans in advance.

3. How Do You Ship The Goods?

Certain days are allocated for shipments. On these days, a courier may arrive for the goods, or freight will be made by courier services CSE, Pony. Electronic versions of the software are shipped as soon as received by email. The original documents are sent on the days of shipment. Your manager will inform you about the next day of shipment.

4. Does Microsoft Plan To Change The Policy Of Work In The Russian Federation In Connection With The Coronavirus?

– Deliveries of Microsoft products in Russia are carried out without changes.

5. Will Prices Change For Microsoft And Non-Microsoft Products?

Prices set by suppliers in the Russian Federation in dollars and euros do not change. Prices fixed in rubles are subject to change. It depends on the policy of the individual manufacturer. Microsoft nominates prices in the Russian Federation for OEM and IoT products in dollars, for other products (boxes, OV / OVS, CSP, keys) – in rubles. To date, neither ruble nor currency prices have changed. If there are any changes, we will let you know by email.

In general, after two days of remote work, the company sees that remote work is possible, although it is still unusual for employees. Significant changes in processes are not required. The staff working in the office comply with all necessary sanitary standards.

” Quarta Technologies ” is ready to share its experience organizing specific processes using Microsoft technologies. 

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