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Google Currents, A New Professional Social Network

Google Currents: For a time, Google+ was one of the leading social networks where users could interact with companies professionally. However, the user version stopped working last year as the usage time was minimal. 90% of them used Google+ for an average of five seconds. There were countless accounts without being used or with deficient performance. Therefore, in April 2019, the platform closed.

However, only personal users disappeared, leaving the section that contained the different company profiles still in use. Therefore, Google wanted to turn the situation around and launch a new professional social network. This is how Google Currents emerged, which contains the features that Google+ already had, adding other services and transferring its information. In July of this year, Google Currents was presented as an innovative platform, with aspects of its predecessor but changing its image.

In addition, its application version has also been launched for both Android and iOS so that it can be accessed more quickly and conveniently from our mobile device.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Google Currents?

The main difference between Google+ and Google Currents is that the former was designed to connect all Internet users. For its part, Currents is designed to connect project managers with team members. This means that communication will always be between CEOs and employees and between co-workers, not between people exempt from the company, as can happen on social networks like Facebook or Linked in.

Google Currents is a handy tool for businesses. Its strengths are:

Allow co-workers to stay connected with each other from anywhere and make reading content from various sources and topics a pleasant and entertaining experience, as the format is evident and visual.

In addition, it offers certain features such as ordering topics from highest to lowest interest, performing advanced searches, publishing and sharing posts, liking, tagging, commenting on them, and obtaining analytics from them.

On the other hand, it also allows the sending of files between users and a chat to maintain conversations quickly and straightforwardly.

Currents can be a good substitute for Gmail since instead of sending or receiving an email that will be lost in the inbox, we have the option of directly contacting whoever is necessary at a given moment.

In short, it is a social network for a small group focusing more precisely on our interests. But as we’ve already said, it shares a lot of the features of Google+, so it will always stay in Currents.

The Future Of Companies

Whenever a platform or tool comes onto the market, it can generate concern or a particular fear when thinking that we will not know how to use it. However, Google Currents offers a straightforward way of use that does not present any difficulty for users, allowing fluid communication that will significantly benefit companies and their employees.

In addition, it is essential to note that with the situation we are currently experiencing, teleworking is here to stay. It is necessary to have platforms that facilitate internal communication, and Currents offers everything you need. Have you tried? Tell us!

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