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Questions For A Marketers: Can Marketing Save A Bad Product? Why Is It Essential For Marketers To Have A Sense Of Style And Taste?

Questions For A Marketers and Marketing as a method of effective sales is essential for the company’s activities. 

Are Marketers Working On Getting Us To Buy More?

Marketers ensure that the consumer fills his need at the right time and in the right place.

For example, a person has a cold and needs a remedy for an out. He goes to the pharmacy and asks what to buy. The pharmacist offers several treatments, of which the buyer is likely to believe what he was treated before or heard about. And at this stage, advertising helps to choose the product that will be most trusted.

A marketer works on the entire sales funnel, increasing product awareness and building a company’s image to purchase.

However, the purchase is not the result. The marketer ensure that the buyer becomes a loyal consumer who will buy often and recommend the product to friends, colleagues, and those who need it.

If A Product Has A Lot Of Advertising, Does It Mean That It Is Bad Or Does Not Sell Well?

Advertising has a long way to go before it reaches television, the Internet, or other platforms.

First, the advertiser determines which product or brand will bring more profit and what needs to be promoted accordingly. Usually, this is decided in advance – several quarters or even a year in advance, which product to bet on, where to advertise, what budget will be required.

Then the advertisement is filmed, the editing is done, visuals are created, the text is written, and then broadcast.

If the advertised product does not sell well after the start of the campaign, the advertiser usually stops advertising and tries to improve the product or advertising. Or they are changing channels of promotion.

With any development of events, the advertiser determines the end date of the advertising campaign.

Returning to the question, we can say that it works if we see an advertisement, and the product sells well with a high probability.

How Do Marketers Decide What Will And Won’t Reach An Audience?

The company has a particular department to solve this problem, or the company hires an agency that conducts market research for it.

There are two types of research: quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative surveys are surveys that involve a large number of people. For example, while watching YouTube, such a survey may appear: “Please answer the question, which car brands are familiar to you.” YouTube roughly knows the age and gender of the user given the survey. Questions For A Marketers This survey is shown to thousands of people, and this way, you can get an idea of ​​​​the recognition of a particular car brand.

Qualitative surveys They are usually conducted in focus groups or through in-depth interviews. During the last half an hour or an hour, the researcher communicates with the respondent one-on-one: shows the product, talks about it, asks questions, to which the person must answer in detail what he likes and dislikes about the product. In-depth interviews allow you to get meaningful feedback from consumers.

More profound questions – for example, about motivation, the emotional component from the series “Why do people buy?” – and the insights obtained help the marketer and product manager change the product for the better.

Where Does The Company Get So Much Money For Advertising?

Advertising is the same expenses line as logistics, production, and product service. Typically, marketing accounts for up to 20% of costs.

Advertising costs come from two sources. Questions For A Marketers If we talk about a startup or new products, then part of the investment money goes to advertising costs. Promotion is essential for new IT solutions when there are no historical sales yet, and the audience needs to know about them.

If there is a sales history, the company can invest part of the revenue received in the previous period in advertising a new product. Accordingly, these costs are included in the company’s budget for the following year.

Advertising costs include the following:

  • wage fund for employees who are involved in an extensive and labor-intensive advertising process;
  • advertising costs – for example, if it is Facebook, Instagram or Google, you need to pay for the platform to display ads;
  • collection of information, analytics, reporting – to understand what can be improved in advertising next period.

It Seems That The Ads Are Just Annoying. Does She Work?

If an ad is annoying, it means they noticed it, and if it is seen, it means it works.

Many people say that advertising is annoying, but we notice only a part of visual or text messages that enter the subcortex of the brain and pop up at the moment when we need information about a product or service that we once saw advertised.

The same thing happens when we want to fulfill our dream, such as buying a car. It is unlikely to choose a manufacturer hear about for the first time. Most likely, we have heard about the brand of the desired car a hundred times. Questions For A Marketers And this knowledge will help us to choose the product we want.

On average, a person receives from 10,000 to 30,000 advertisements per day. And this figure is increasing every day – we see ads almost everywhere. Therefore, such a phenomenon as banner blindness appeared: a person considers advertising but does not notice it. He may not notice it now, but the ad is delayed anyway. Questions For A Marketers It usually takes at least seven touches with a brand to form some impression about the company.

If the advertisement is annoying, most likely, the person is not the target audience of the advertised product. Questions For A Marketers But for those who need advertising, it may not be annoying, but, on the contrary, it can help to choose the right product.

Is It Difficult To Get Into The Release On Youtube?

It is not difficult to use several million rubles for the advertising budget. The product’s audience intersects with the audience, and if the brand does not compete with the companies, it already advertises.

Every blogger has an agency team that helps them find the right advertisers. For example, advertising Adidas and there is no point in promoting another sports brand in his channel. It would be better to find another suitable YouTuber.

It is also essential to determine the purpose of the advertising campaign. If there is a clear brief and an understanding that the product may interest the blogger’s audience, you need to contact his agent and discuss goals, deadlines, budget, and other conditions. After that, the promotion format is determined: integration or, if possible, the involvement of the product in the semantic part of the release.

Effective blogging advertising is obtained when there is a good intersection of the interests of the channel’s audience and the advertiser. Questions For A Marketers Also, a good blogger will not accept advertising if he is not interested in it or proposes to promote an unethical product.

If A Product Is Bad, Can Marketing Save It?

A first-year university teacher told us that advertising would only hasten its collapse if a product is terrible.

But here, you need to decide what is meant by a wrong product. Questions For A Marketers Is it in itself unethical or harmful?

If unethical, no amount of advertising will help. Questions For A Marketers Instead, it will help him fail after a while.

If it’s just a lousy product that needs improvement, judging by the feedback from the first customers, then this product can be improved and made more attractive.

Are Promotions And Discounts A Scam And A Scam?

It so happens that deception and divorce. But in general, promotions and discounts are a good tool for a marketer to tell more about a product or hook an audience for which the price without a discount was unacceptable. Questions For A Marketers In this case, the action will help sell more goods and increase revenue.

Also, promotions work well for seasonal products.

Exciting promotions and discounts are included in the marketing plan for the year, helping to increase sales during low sales seasons. You can also become a partner of other companies and offer a product to their audience, which will help expand your customer base.

How To Understand That You Are Created For Marketing?

Typically, marketers have three traits.

  1. Good understanding of trends agendas. In this regard, marketers work almost like journalists: they actively interact with the media understand which promotions or ads are best removed due to the inconsistency of the current market situation.
  2. Multitasking.
  3. Love for visual art aesthetics.

Specialists engaged in advertising and marketing are responsible for our environment, how the product and all related products look, how websites are designed, and space in stores. All this should match the brand and look decent. Questions For A Marketers To do this, it is essential to have a good sense of style and taste – innate or developed.

What Is Your Favorite And Most Minor Favorite Part Of Your Job?

The most favorite thing is that you can constantly learn something new. The marketing industry is very active. New technologies, trends, and advertising platforms are emerging. For example, Tiktok is a whole world to explore. Or YouTube. Each platform is unique and requires a lot of knowledge to work with it. Therefore, marketing is never dull.

On the other hand, this is a minus: due to the large flow of information and many tasks, you can often not notice that you are constantly working and not resting properly.

From unloved – work with a large number of documents. When you work in an advertising agency or as an external contractor (not an advertiser), you need to provide a lot of acts and records.

Or when there are many operational issues that advertisers are not always ready to solve quickly. 

For example, when everything is on fire, you need to remove the advertisement as soon as possible, but the estimate has not yet been agreed, or the contract has not been signed. This may take a significant amount of time. It would be great if the level of responsibility increased among contractors and advertisers.

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