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Mobile Marketing: Always At Hand

Mobile Marketing: We cannot imagine life without a telephone. In a small, faithful gadget, which is always with us, work, communication with friends, entertainment – everything is at our fingertips. At least until the end of charging.

Therefore, it is not necessary to say that mobile marketing, that is, promotion through mobile communication channels, is a thing of the past. It has just been updated. Now in the arsenal of this promotion channel, there are many tools suitable for any mobile user.

By the way, this universality is another advantage of mobile marketing. Its huge audience can only be envied. Even the most miniature schoolchildren, young people, and the older generation also have smartphones. Therefore, mobile marketing can be used for any target audience.

Another advantage of this communication channel is its “friendliness.” Mobile marketing can be easily combined with other promotion types and complements them. Let’s say you subscribed to the email course of the educational portal, and in the last letter, you were asked to leave your phone number and give feedback via SMS. As soon as you did this, you started receiving SMS notifications about new courses, offers, and promotions.

So, What Modern Mobile Marketing Can Boast Of:

Mobile applications. It is a must-have of a business. And advertising in them is visible to many users. Typically, ads match the theme of the app itself. For example, hotels, cafes, and shops are promoted in 2GIS, and new books by your favorite authors are encouraged in “reading rooms.

“IVR – Voice Routing. This tool makes life easier for registrars in clinics and technical services and employees of administrative departments. The voice in the recording will prompt you to dial the desired combination of numbers to contact specialists or get to the office department. 

Voice messages in mailing lists. Sometimes a bot speaks to you on the phone, which is indistinguishable from a person, sometimes a call operator.To save time, some companies, such as small banks, write down a template and use it when calling customers.

ICB and ICB + are clickable, interactive teaser messages sent to mobile operators’ subscriber terminals. Received a warning about thunderstorms, hurricanes, and snow falls from the Ministry of Emergencies? This is an example of using such a service. This also includes messages with links inside.

WAP, GPRS, EDGE – mobile Internet services. Thanks to them, we can use the browser, instant messengers, and other Internet communication channels from the phone. And of course, at the same time, we see ads in the browser, like on a laptop or PC. 

Mobile marketing shouldn’t be dismissed. It still works effectively and has a vast audience, which allows it to expand its client base. Using this promotion channel does not harm the rest of the marketing tools. On the contrary.

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