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Ten Questions For A Financier: Who Should Go Into The Profession, Why There Is Always Not Enough Money, And How To Get Rich

Ten Questions For A Financier: Financing is a broad term. At the same time, the person who occupies such a position plays a crucial role in the company’s life. After all, financiers know how to manage cash flows and increase the Capital of a business.

1. Is The Financier An Accountant Or An Economist?

If we talk about a financier, then this is a globally involved person in financial transactions, for example, buying or selling shares.

An accountant is a specialist responsible for ensuring that the company does not have problems with the tax: Ten Questions For A Financier it prepares reports, submits them on time, and controls the payment of taxes.

The economist monitors the company’s economic activity, looking for opportunities for development and points of growth. That is, it gives managers management information to make informed management decisions.

2. Why Is Money Never Enough?

Because we live in a consumer society, marketers do everything to want something, buy and consume constantly. Ten Questions For A Financier The 10th iPhone did not have time to come out – the 11th came out, did not have time to pay for the 11th – the 12th came out. And so everything changes cars, TV models, and so on.

To keep us consuming, we are given tools in credit cards and bank loans. The consumer society teaches people to spend more than they earn. Therefore, we are always critically short of money.

3. Is It Better Not To Go To The Financiers?

In this case, maybe, and vice versa – it is worth going to financiers to learn how to manage finances competently or solve your problem if a person spends more than he earns.

Who exactly should go to financiers:

  • Analytical people: they like to work with numbers and analyze.
  • Those who want to be helpful and solve complex business problems. 
  • Money in the company is the circulatory system, so finance plays a strategic, critical role in the enterprise’s success.

4. Why Do All Parents Want Their Children To Become Financiers Or Lawyers?

I was born in 1985, and I remember how my parents en masse sent people of my generation to study as economists, accountants, financiers, and lawyers. Often children graduate from universities to put a tick in front of their parents. I often hear: I graduated from a university, although I could have been expelled a long time ago to show my diploma to my parents.

This happens because our parents love us and wish us all the best. They see certain guarantees in these professions, such as employment and a stable income. Parents care about our future and want their children and grandchildren to live in abundance. In parents’ view, these professions are reliable conservative and guarantee a great lot.

5. Are There A Lot Of Financiers Or A Few?

Now, more than 100 partner financial directors have no problems finding them. If you take my generation – 30-45-year-olds – there are plenty of them. Ten Questions For A Financier Again, with what to compare: if with programmers, they are now in plentiful short supply, although the demand for them is enormous. That’s why they have such salaries.

If we talk about financial directors, accountants, economists, we do not experience difficulties in finding such specialists.

6. From What Can The Financier Turn Gray?

Good question. If we view a financier as a person who buys shares, sells them, and participates in transactions, he can turn gray when he makes a stupid or strategic mistake that can deprive him of Capital.

Or a person saved, saved, earned, earned, and then at one moment lost everything. From this, he, too, can turn gray.

If a financier works in a corporation, the price of a mistake is very high there – the company risks losing billions of dollars. Ten Questions For A Financier This is a highly stressful moment, because of which a person can also turn gray.

7. What Is The Working Day Of A Financier?

The financial directors with whom we cooperate have specific functions in the company. Their work consists of meetings: with managers, owners, or employees from the financial service. Each session has a particular theme.

What does a CFO do?

  • organizes the collection of reporting and analyzes it, that is, it looks for points of profit maximization and opportunities for the company;
  • draws up a financial model;
  • presents reports to company owners and explains how to work with them;
  • teaches;
  • plans the company’s work from an economic point of view: helps the top management team to collect a budget and plan profits, revenues, and expenses;
  • Focuses on maintaining the financial health of the company.

Therefore, to a greater extent, he analyzes, communicates, changes points of view, and makes sure that the company remains financially healthy.

8. How To Get Rich Have You Met Anyone Who Has Read Capital In Its Entirety?

I think there are such people. I tried to approach this work, but, to be honest, I failed. There was not enough attention, and so many complex words were not cleared up. I even found it easier to study Adam Smith on the nature of wealth.

And if you answer the question, have I met such people – no, I have not met.

9. How To Get Rich Please Tell Me How To Get Rich?

Getting rich is easy, but not easy. I always compare it with health. To live a long and happy life, you need to take care of your health. To be healthy, you need to exercise regularly: spend an hour a day on exercises to keep the body in good shape. But few people do that.

The same is true from a financial point of view. From the standpoint of health and maintaining the optimal weight, you need to spend more calories than you receive, then in finance, it’s the other way around – to be rich, you need to earn more and spend less.

The formula is simple – we divide all our savings by the number of monthly expenses and get the time to live on this money. Some live one month, some two. Some will say: “Oh, I died yesterday” or “And I will die today” – this indicates that people do not have any savings. They have to work today to feed themselves. Wealth is determined by what happens to a person’s Capital – whether money is accumulated or not.

The second piece of advice is that money should be distributed among the baskets. First of all, send them to the safety fund: if something happens, you have savings, and you are not in a weak position.

If a person wants to get rich, he needs to shift his monthly income to the difference between the amount earned and the balance. It often happens that a person gains 50 – spends 50, starts making 100 – spends 100. And so on – the level of the norm grows. By controlling the accumulation of the remainder, a person becomes truly rich because he enters the safety zone.

The third step on the path to wealth is to educate yourself in investment skills and make money work: put it on deposit and invest in federal bonds or stocks.

These three principles help you become more affluent and prosper. And people who have mastered this reach the goal.

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