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Selling On Marketplaces: Advantages.

Advantages Of Selling On Marketplaces:

  •  Saving time and money when starting an online store.

Selling On Marketplaces: Advantages. One of the easiest and fastest ways to start selling online is to do it within a Marketplace. The initial costs associated with starting to trade in one of them are infinitely less than developing your online store. In addition, depending on the chosen platform, we can also save on human capital since many functions that we should assume ourselves can be carried out by the Marketplace itself (for example, logistics, customer service, etc.). This will allow us to use them to conduct quick tests of the online market without the need to invest in our own store.

  •  Increases the confidence of potential customers.

Specific marketplaces worldwide already have many customers who fully trust these platforms. For example, Amazon has been online for more than 20 years, so regular Amazon buyers, when they see a seller on that platform, know that it meets a minimum of quality, so it is easier for them to end up closing a purchase of products from that platform. Company within the Marketplace than outside. 

  • Access to customers who only buy online in marketplaces.

More and more online customers only complete their purchases within a Marketplace precisely because of the trust they transmit to them, the payment and reimbursement facilities they offer, etc. Therefore, if we sell our products in them, we will have access to this type of customer who would never buy from us within our online store. 

  • Facilitates internationalization.

Starting to sell in many countries is very easy within a Marketplace. For example, Amazon allows you to start selling your products in European countries, or All Express has complex countries like Russia. This way, getting international clients is much more accessible by trading on a Marketplace.

  •  Cross-selling.

Being in a Marketplace, your products are offered together with other complementary items that already exist and are marketed by other companies. In this way, it is easier to close sales when a user is buying another complementary product to yours.

  •  Forget logistics.

On many occasions, the issue of organizing the logistics of the online store can be somewhat complex. Some marketplaces offer to take care of that service so that you save a lot of time and money by not having to deal with it. In any case, it is always essential to assess the cost of the service well, see how it affects margins and if it is worth delegating it or better if we take care of it ourselves.

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