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Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

Six Incentives To Motivate Workers: One of the main objectives of a company after finding the right personnel is to ensure that the workgroup is efficient and does not disintegrate. However, retaining talent is very difficult. Therefore, companies must carry out some measures to avoid losing any of their workers. Undoubtedly, one of the most effective strategies is to carry out an incentive plan that rewards and motivates employees. In this way, they will not only want to stay in the company but also give the maximum of themselves.

Future’s Expectations

Among the incentives that most motivate the employees of any company are the expectations of the future. Workers appreciate that their bosses count on them and that they can climb positions with work and effort. This measure will also increase the feeling of belonging to the company, positively affecting their productivity. Of course, it must be taken into account that if the employee knows that with more effort, he will achieve a better position, his involvement will be maximum.

Days Off And Holidays

Another incentive that will undoubtedly motivate workers is to allow them to choose their days off and vacations. And it is that, in this way, they will have it easier when it comes to reconciling work and family life. For example, employees can choose their holidays to coincide with their children’s school. On the other hand, it’s a good idea to reward employees with extra time off, whether it’s hours or days.


Believe it or not, many employees prefer to get free training over other types of incentives. In this sense, you can choose to pay for specific courses and part of them entirely. In any case, this incentive will not only serve to motivate workers but will add value to the company. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

Greater Responsibility

Another way to motivate workers is to offer them greater responsibilities since this demonstrates their trust in the team members. In addition, if managers delegate functions, they will feel more liberated when carrying out their tasks.

Financial Rewards

We cannot forget to mention the economic rewards since, without a doubt, it is one of the most valued incentives by employees. The most normal is to offer a fixed amount or a percentage of the operation in question after reaching specific objectives. Instead of providing money, some companies choose to give gifts, coupon payments, or entries into sweepstakes or contests. Of course, pay raises also serve to motivate workers.

Verbal Incentives

Finally, we want to talk about verbal incentives, which are crucial when motivating workers. Thus, it is essential to congratulate employees for their excellent work and thank them for their efforts. In this way, workers will feel that their effort has been worthwhile and that their work is essential to the company.

Four Companies That Succeed Thanks To Their Incentive Policy


First, we want to talk about Coca-Cola, a brand associated with happiness, something that the human resources team looks for among its employees. For this, the multinational offers different services that seek to improve the work experience, such as, for example, a gym at the headquarters or the time target, a service so that workers can order books or procedures without wasting time, as explained by Mi Healthy Company.

On the other hand, we want to highlight programs such as Life & Coke for reconciling work and family; or the Integra Plan, a corporate social responsibility project. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers


Another company with an incentive policy that must be considered is Netflix, which offers a year of paid maternity or paternity to all its employees. And not only that, but when they return to work, they can work part-time or full-time and take as much time off as they need during that first year.

On the other hand, we want to comment that the company allows unlimited vacations to employees who meet the objectives set. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers


We also want to highlight Spotify’s incentive policy, which offers six months of paid paternity leave and one month of flexible work upon return. And do not think that this is the only measure of the company to favour the birth rate. The company covers employee expenses for artificial insemination and egg freezing in the United States. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

It is essential to remember that other companies such as Apple and Facebook have also launched this initiative, which is very useful for mothers and fathers who want to delay their maternity or paternity. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

American Express

Finally, we want to talk about American Express, another successful company, thanks to its incentive policy. For example, they have initiatives such as the Work life Balance Program, which allows employees greater flexibility by reconciling their professional career with their private and family life: flexible hours, the possibility of working from home and reduced hours.

On the other hand, the employees have an annual development plan, which includes training, assignment of projects and the possibility of developing their career abroad.

Why Is It Good For Companies To Have An Incentive Program?

Fortunately, many companies have concluded that well-designed incentive programs can positively affect the company. We will tell you why it is suitable for companies to have incentive programs below. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

They Motivate Employees

The main advantage of incentive programs is that they are very effective in motivating employees, which produces positive consequences for both the worker and the organization. If they know that by reaching specific goals, they will receive compensation, employees will be more active and involved with the company, offering the best version of themselves. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

Logically, this translates into higher worker productivity. As if that were not enough, this greater motivation of the employees also has positive effects on the work environment, which can improve substantially. Also, do not forget that for employees to stay motivated, they must feel recognized for their achievements. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

Help Measure Team Effectiveness

On the other hand, incentive programs can become a handy tool to measure team effectiveness. On the one hand, the company can find out what an employee is capable of doing when he works at 100% of his possibilities. Of course, this type of program also serves to analyze the effectiveness of the team at a group level since it allows one to find out what are the productivity goals that the workers are capable of reaching and discover which are the unique profiles that, in the future, They can hold positions of responsibility in the company. In this sense, it is essential to remember that, when detecting the best professionals, development plans must be assigned to them. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

Help Retain Valuable Staff

It is also important to note that incentives are beneficial in retaining valuable staff while discouraging employees with poorer attitudes. As if all this were not enough, they also attract the best workers available in the market. Six Incentives To Motivate Workers

They Promote Teamwork

Lastly, you should know that incentives are also necessary to boost teamwork. Of course, in this case, the program must be based on the company’s results and not on personal merit. If the rewards are grouped, all team members will row in the same direction, avoiding cracks in the group. These incentives are prevalent in commercial teams, whose results are added up and computed in one. 

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