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Ten Examples Of Solutions To Improve Well-Being At Work!

Ten Examples Of Solutions: At work, the well-being of employees is an essential factor in the general atmosphere, living together, and daily productivity. It is not only a question of installing a fruit basket or a table football. A happy employee at work will benefit the organization:

  • Less turnover and sick leave.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Smoother processes.
  • More innovative ideas.
  • Better execution of tasks.

But how can you make your employees happier at work? We offer you ten examples of solutions to improve well-being in the company.

1st Solution: Personalize Workspace 

It’s proven. More than 9 out of 10 employees believe that a well-appointed and tastefully decorated workspace directly impacts their daily well-being. Faced with this observation, you can use your imagination to create a pleasant space.

Some ideas :

  • Install stickers and wall posters, preferably colorful
  • Decorate the Workspace with indoor plants and a company vegetable garden
  • Swap traditional office chairs with yoga balls and ottomans
  • Organize a collaborative workspace in the open space

2nd Solution: Adjust Working Hours

Ten Examples Of Solutions Numerous scientific studies have shown that employees who do not work extra hours have higher productivity. The same goes for those who take vacations more regularly and can telecommute at least one day in the week.

Telecommuting has been on the rise lately. And for a good reason. It offers employees the opportunity to manage a balanced life better, especially if they have young children. Therefore, good schedule management is an essential element to ensure a good atmosphere at work.

Offering teleworking, offering employees to arrive earlier so they can leave sooner, leaving a certain latitude in taking leave are all possibilities to adopt to improve the general well-being of employees.

3rd Solution: Use An Empty Space To Transform It Into A Restroom

By requisitioning a space in the company and transforming it into a relaxation room, you promote conviviality between your employees. For example, this room can be transformed into a library or games room.

In this unique place, your employees will be able to devote themselves to activities other than their work, allowing them to take a real break and clear their minds. In this way, you will transform a workplace, which is sometimes quite cold and rigid, into a warm place that reconciles relaxation and professionalism.

Table football, ping pong table, self-service books, billiards, comfortable and cozy seats, discussion and discussion areas, installation of plants and small shrubs, dim lights, or less tacky than in open spaces … there is a multitude of solutions adapted to create a place of life and relaxation.

4th Solution: Organize Lunch Breaks With Colleagues

What could be better than a lunch break to create a break from the working day? Nutritionally and psychologically, this time is precious and allows employees to be productive again in the afternoon. It is also an excellent time to boost team cohesion by discussing and exchanging subjects other than work.

Some tracks :

  • Organize a meal with colleagues at least once a week
  • Don’t set a bad example by eating on the go or, worse, in front of the computer
  • Take a minimum 1-hour break at least twice a week if you can to decompress with your employees

5th Solution: Organize A Team Cohesion Day

The atmosphere between colleagues is an essential factor for well-being at work. The majority of employees are of this opinion. Moreover, the proportion of employees ready to change jobs is more significant when there is a bad working atmosphere than when the salary is insufficient. Organizing seminars, team buildings, parties, and parties are an excellent way to create a team spirit and generate a good group atmosphere.

7th Solution: Offer Healthy And Seasonal Food In The Company 

Offering your employees fresh, seasonal fruit every week and vegetables is an excellent way to maintain the perfect health of your employees.

So no more crisps, cakes, and chocolate bars, much too heavy. One solution would be to make fresh fruit available to your employees free of charge every week, as companies like Facebook and Google.

8th Solution: Allow Your Employees To Take A Micro-Napa 

A company that allows its employees to take micro-naps is a company that prioritizes the well-being of its employees. This will guarantee better productivity and a warmer atmosphere. If you can, set up ottomans and dim lighting in a neatly decorated room.

9th Solution: Organize Yoga Classes In The Company

 The most fantastic way to relax your employees and create a natural group bond is to set   up a monthly or bimonthly yoga session.

10th Solution: Plan A Friendly Race Between Employees

Some companies have organized football tournaments or Cricket tournaments with colleagues or running races. Indeed, what better than sport to unite your employees and create real cohesion between them? The athletes will train the less athletic, and everyone will participate at their own pace.

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