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Self-Fulfillment At Work: Key Indicators To Grow Your Business

Self-Fulfillment At Work: In recent years, fulfillment at work and professional well-being have been among human resources’ essential data to be mastered. A speech is generously dispensed but not always crystal clear for business leaders who already have to watch many performance indicators. Why measure fulfillment at work and process this new data to best steer your organization towards success? Corporate Garden enlightens you.

Determine The Level Of Happiness At Work Of Your Employees. What Is The Point?

After all, your business has always done well, right? What if your people were upset? Wouldn’t they let you know? Well, no, not necessarily.

Does a business manager always have a clear vision of his employees’ level of satisfaction – or dissatisfaction -? Difficult. There are many “blind spots” within a hierarchical organization, a fortiori if it is a very pyramidal organization. Second, many employees never express their frustration and difficulties. Self-Fulfillment At Work For fear of appearing to be harmful elements, no longer progressing in the company… or worse. Criticizing your employer often remains a delicate maneuver, which one only allows oneself to perform on condition of anonymity.

Get To Know Those Who Work For You

Therefore, the first virtuous effect of such an evaluation will be to obtain valuable information on your employees and their mode of operation. How do your teams communicate with each other? What are the friction points, and at what level are the misunderstandings and frustrations? What, in concrete terms, can prevent your employees from performing at their best?

Dissatisfaction or suffering at work is often the result of poor relationships with executive teams or supervisors. In this case, the reorganization effort could focus on the professional training of your managers and their ability to coach their teams effectively. And speaking of skills development… where are your employees? This meeting with them can provide the opportunity to schedule a training session established according to your strategic objectives.

Act-On What Can Be Changed

As you will have understood, measuring the fulfillment of your employees at work represents an opportunity for your company to learn valuable lessons. And to act by putting in place thoughtful and proportionate measures.

That is to say? Take the example of stress at work. According to the results of the Observatory of stress at work by the consulting firm Stimulus, published at the end of 2017, 52% of employees suffer from a high level of anxiety. Self-Fulfillment At Work The demands of work, the need to process complex information, and lack of time are some of the main factors of concern. As well as the lack of autonomy and decision-making power and the difficulty of achieving objectives. Therefore, much of the suffering felt at work could be alleviated by building a new business strategy. Or by reorganizing services and implementing new tools to facilitate information sharing.

As for the lack of cohesion between teams, there are many ways to promote it. For example, by setting up alternative and collective projects, such as creating a business garden. Note also that establishing a green space in the workplace represents a significant lever for improving well-being.

Is the lack of creativity slowing down the development of your business? Devoting a co working space to the development of new solutions to convert prospects or improve the sales pitch of your salespeople is an idea that has already proven its worth. Self-Fulfillment At Work It also has the advantage of enhancing the relationship between your employees and putting them back at the center of your development strategy.

Support Your Business Towards Change

Looking at the other side of the telescope, what do we see? Conclusion: Companies that are concerned about the level of happiness of their employees have been able to initiate the necessary changes. What purpose? A body of scientific evidence supports the link between well-being at work and performance. In short, it is not the company’s success that makes employees happy, but the reverse! Creativity, responsiveness, commitment, motivation… so many virtues which more readily crown satisfied employees than frustrated employees.

How Do We Measure Fulfillment At Work?

Being happy in your professional life depends on more than just favorable working conditions. Well-being at work is defined in many ways because it is a subjective fact. However, there are different ways to determine your employees’ level of well-being at work.

What Are The Main Criteria For Professional Well-Being?

The degree of professional development is determined by several parameters of varying importance depending on the individual. Not all of them are directly linked to the professional environment, but they influence the level of performance and commitment of your employees:

  • Succeed in being yourself in the company ;
  • Ability to show initiative and creativity in their work;
  • Cooperate and collaborate between employees and between departments;
  • Balance professional and personal life ;
  • Overcome failure and change ;
  • Take responsibility for the smooth running of the business;
  • Benefit from the recognition of the work accomplished.

We can see that pleasure at work depends on the degree of responsibility and involvement, collective intelligence, and a certain freedom of action about the objectives set. When work organization puts the employee back at the heart of the company’s operations and strategy, it, therefore, positively influences their level of well-being.

Tools To Obtain Precise And Actionable Data

For an entrepreneur or an HRD who wants to master the functioning of his business, the study of concrete data is essential. Level of absenteeism, progression of results, turnover… these figures give you a first glimpse of areas for improvement at all hierarchical levels.

Surveying your employees and enlisting human resources consultants’ services comes second, but it is an essential step. How, indeed, can you measure the fulfillment of your business if you do not ask the first people concerned? Thirdly, the analysis of these results will give you a precise picture of the level of fulfillment at work offered by your company.

Nowadays, a company keen to evolve in the right direction can no longer do without a strategy geared towards the professional development of its employees. It’s about more than just “making people happy.” Allowing them to flourish at work means offering them a new space for expression in favor of your company’s performance. This implies a specific capacity for questioning for the business manager and the director in charge of human resources management. Recognize mistakes and learn from them, the hallmark of great leaders?

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