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What Applications Do We Use To Manage Projects And Tasks?

What Applications Do We Use To Manage Projects And Tasks? When it comes to applications, countless solutions adapt to the organization’s characteristics and the teams’ needs. In the following points, we will group them by functions and add some emerging technologies that give superpowers to already known apps.

 Effective Communication

Communication is the fundamental axis of remote work, so it is necessary to have platforms that enable us to communicate as if we were in the same office. Zoom, meet, teams, y Slack.

  •  Keep in touch in real-time and collaborate live by sharing screens, workspaces, and even virtual whiteboards. Google Meet/Microsoft Teams/Zoom
  • Communication in a written format can be structured with specific communication channels, projects, or public spaces. slack

Know The Project Information

  • Asana, Monday, click y Trello There are many applications to knowing what is being done and who is doing it. These are based on the board originally used in the Toyota factories to manage the processes. A very agile expression to define them is “information radiators.” Asana / Trello / Click Up / Monday

Information In The Cloud

  • Dropbox, drive, iCloud, OneDrive Finally, document managers, although these applications have storage space that is sometimes limited, which is why they have the possibility of linking with the best-known document managers. The goal of working in the cloud is to break down silos of information, enable its flow and empower transparency as a fundamental pillar in project management. Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive / iCloud

Power To The Apps You Already Use

Now while these apps work for each of your goals, there are many ways to enhance the experience and create a productive work environment.

 How can we improve our videoconferences?

The usual thing is to record important meetings or video calls. But no one will ever watch a 1-hour session on Teams or Zoom again. IA transcribes and summarizes the discussion in the solution, providing vital information, calls to action, schedule, next steps, etc. Some recommendations that we can show:

  •  Otter, Miro, jam, clips Incorporate whiteboards: whiteboard, jamb, Miro, etc.
  • CLIPr trims essential clips of the video call, noting what is being talked about and who. You can directly select the moment of the meeting that interests you.
  • Using the AI assistant, Otter generates quality notes for meetings, interviews, and other essential conversations in real-time.

How Can We Improve Our Communications?

  • Zapier, IFTTT, Mio, Carrot Mio, What if your team uses Slack and Teams clients? It is a tool that connects different instant communication channels: Slack, Teams, etc.
  • Carrot summarizes the essential ideas from the Slack channels and sends us newsletters with the most relevant updates.
  • Automation and AI: IFTTT / Zapier / Unite links applications to pre-programmed recipes and does the work for you using AI robots.

What Else Can AI Do For Us?

X, Calendly, acuity, schedule According to the HBR article “Stop the Meeting Madness” (2017), we spend an average of 23 hours a week in meetings, which was before the pandemic.

One of the benefits that it can offer us, in addition to those mentioned, is exercising the virtual assistant function, which will allow us to schedule meetings with different people (inside and outside the organization). X.ai / Calendly / Schedule Once / Acuity 

Another Perspective On The Integration Of Apps

Some organizations choose another path in terms of applications and opt for platforms that integrate all the services we mentioned before to keep the team in a single space. These spaces break down information silos and empower the teams that work in them. 

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