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What Is Collaborative Project Management?

What Is Collaborative Project Management? It is a project delivery methodology that differs from traditional top-down project management by decentralizing the responsibility and control of planning, executing, and delivering tasks and sharing them among your project team. 

Characteristics Of Collaborative Project Management 

Unlike traditional project management with its established formal processes and systems, there is still no standard way to implement collaborative project management. That said, a few characteristics are common to all successful collaborative project management efforts.

Cross-Functional Property 

Every stakeholder involved in the project has a seat at the table from start to finish. Your entire team contributes to decision-making and execution, from senior executives to the project manager and other staff members. With project teams from across functional departments and increasingly across geographic borders, the real-time communications offered by Bitrix24 are essential for effective collaboration. 

Control Loops

Complex projects are divided into smaller working groups. So you can have a consolidated view of the entire project, but team members have workspaces where they can collaborate based on their role, department, or project role. control loops Complex projects are divided into smaller working groups 

Open & Transparent

  •  Information and data relevant to the project are available to all team members. This consists of making documentation available and having a centralized space for communication and updates on individual activities. 
  • Because each person is aware of the scope and goals of the project, they take collective responsibility for tracking the project’s progress to ensure delivery is on time and within budget.
  •  Bitrix24 makes it easy with project management tools (e.g., Gantt charts, task dependencies, employee workload management tools, etc.) and a robust document management system that allows access to the files for the users you choose.

Where Is The Future Of Collaborative Tools?

Citizen Developer is an expanding PMI initiative for companies and PMs without IT skills on so-called “no code – low code platforms.” 

A report by Research And Markets forecasts that the global market for low-code development platforms in 2020 is estimated at US$12.8 billion and projects a reach of US$125.8 billion by 2027. Gartner forecasts that developing low-code applications will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity by 2024. Forrester estimates that by 2024 there will be a shortfall of 500,000 software developers in the US alone. 

The truth is that low code platforms allow you to create applications for the required specific needs. In this way, they enable a potential for advancement never seen before in organizations that lack IT teams or for IT teams that have limited resources. It is one of the global trends on the rise, which goes hand in hand with project management.

Conclusions About How To Improve Project Team Productivity

Since their arrival, 

  • collaborative tools have been intended to enhance our work. However, you must know how and which ones to use. Collaborative tools do not intend to eliminate email but to leave it for the use in which it adds value (general communications, and more formal messages, among others).
  • It would help if you were minimalistic when selecting the tools you will work with, as this will prevent productivity losses browsing between apps.
  • Use AI engines to automate processes that consume your productive time.
  • Avoid unnecessary meetings to report project status. Use information radiators instead.

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