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HomeBUSINESSWhat Is The B Corp Certificate?

What Is The B Corp Certificate?

What Is The B Corp Certificate? This certificate, born in 2006 in the USA, guarantees that 

  • the companies that obtain it commit to comply with high social and environmental standards voluntarily. The importance of the existence of B Corp companies lies in using profits and growth to achieve a greater purpose: to generate a positive impact. It is no longer enough to minimize the negative impact.
  •  Still, B Corp ensures that the business is born to improve the lives of its employees, the community, and the environment. In other words, a B Corp company must meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and corporate responsibility to balance profit with purpose.

What Is Your Mission?

This certification, present in more than 70 countries and 150 sectors, ensures that all companies complete to improve. To do this, try to find a new business model that restarts the system and promotes a new economy that benefits the company and everything that surrounds it. What Is The B Corp Certificate? It is no longer just about maximizing economic value, but they focus on other factors such as environmental and social. But, the important thing is that these three factors look towards all the agents of interest: the suppliers, the workers, the clients, the community…

Movement B

As a result of this certification, a whole movement has been formed that seeks to change the current economic system. What Is The B Corp Certificate? The vision is that society does not work correctly globally, so it aims to generate a systemic change that resolves the main social, economic, and environmental challenges. It is not just companies that have to change, but this movement is made up of those who work, buy, invest, learn, live, create, develop… That is, by society as a whole.

  • In Spain, there is an initiative called Comunidades B (Comunidad B Andalucía, Comunidad B Catalunya and Comunidad B Madrid) , which serves as a boost for the B Corp Movement from the local level. Voluntarily co-led by B Corps and other stakeholders who promote the power of business to generate positive impact, B Communities create connections, increase positive impact, and raise awareness of the B economy.
  • There are also the promoters and agents of change, Multipliers B, who help transition small, medium, and large companies towards a new business model with a positive impact. Through the B Impact Assessment tool, they have already helped more than 70,000 companies worldwide.
  • In addition, investors work to promote the change towards a new economic model where impact is the center of decision-making. For this reason, the B movement supports the For Impact working group, promoting social impact investment in Spain.

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