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What’s New In IOS 11 For ASO

What’s New In IOS 11 For ASO: What company does not want its application to be present on all mobile phones? With the constant software changes and updates, as has happened with iOS11, which not only happens in iOS but also on Android, it isn’t easy to maintain a solid strategy that lasts over time to position an application in any of its respective markets. Of applications. This is where the different knowledge in ASO (App Store Optimization) comes in.

They will always be in constant evolution and allow you to maintain a flexible and adaptable strategy depending on the application and the market in which you want to position yourself. From the SEO & ORM Department of ROI UP Agency, we present the leading news and the best tips to improve your ASO.

Recently, Apple has updated the software of its products to the iOS 11 version, which also brings changes to such essential elements as the App Store. What’s New In IOS 11 For ASO  Does this mean that there has been a change in the positioning of my application? All applications have changed their average position in one way or another, but not all have done so significantly.

Less Space, More Competition

A change that has occurred in the visual section has been on the main page of the App Store. They have gone from displaying 9 applications to just 2 in a much larger format. This makes it more important than ever from an ASO view to be in the top positions, as we have less space to display our app on the main screen.

Textual News

Things have also changed in the textual section, one of the most important in terms of ASO. What’s New In IOS 11 For ASO And is that the amount of text to include in the title has gone from 50 characters to only 30, which means that we have to look for a name with more hook and more attractiveness for potential users.

There is also the option to include a subtitle where we can very briefly explain the application’s content, and the space of 100 characters for Keywords is maintained. A space dedicated to promotional text has been included, which appears above the description. Here we must focus primarily on telling what to expect when installing and testing our application.

Good Feedback, Better Results

iOS 11 has also included the ability to respond to comments left by app users. This feature is very beneficial from the ASO point of view, as we can make users give more positive ratings, and therefore the app will rise in popularity and get more downloads. Regarding the description of the application, whenever the version is updated, new lines can be written, or it can be changed completely. Thus, it adapts appropriately, and users find what they read.

In addition, in this new iOS 11 version, the scores that users choose for your application will be maintained over time, even if the application version has changed. That is why it is essential to do everything right from the beginning.

Trending Videos

The new iOS 11 update has kept the maximum number of screenshots at 5. However, it has included up to 3 content preview videos with a duration of no more than 30 seconds so that the purpose of the screenshot can be adequately explained. Application. These videos and the texts and images must always be correctly geolocated so that they are indexed correctly in each country.

All these developments will change little by little the current panorama of the App Store in iOS 11. Therefore, the sooner the changes begin to be taken into account and strategies are applied that align with them, the more possibilities to improve the ASO positioning we will have.

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