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How Often Do You Have To Redo Or Renew Your Website

How Often Do You Have To Redo Or Renew Your Website: There are different reasons why the need to renew a web page arises. In many cases, it is the design that makes it necessary, and, on other occasions, it is the development that advances at breakneck speed and becomes obsolete. 

Although the truth is that there is no exact stipulated time to change a website, there are several reasons that cause the need for us to make changes to the websites. 

Of course, to achieve better results and have an optimized website following Google’s requirements and users’ needs, it is essential to rely on a good team of specialized professionals. How Often Do You Have To Redo Or Renew Your Website 

6 Reasons Why You Should Renew Your Company’s Website

The key to success when it comes to renewing a web page is to maintain the same essence but apply a series of necessary changes to attract and retain users.

Responsive Design

More and more users are connecting to the Internet through mobile devices. For this reason, the web design must be adaptable so that, as its name suggests, it adapts to any screen. If the website does not have that responsive design, it will most likely not be displayed correctly on some devices. How Often Do You Have To Redo Or Renew Your Website And that means losing visits and, in many cases, revenue due to the inability to complete a purchase or conversion.

Upload Speed

Loading speed is one of the most relevant factors for Google and users. On average, current users are unwilling to wait more than 5 seconds for a website to load completely. Therefore, if an outdated design takes even 10 seconds to load, the company will lose potential customers.

Web Design

Beyond functionality itself, aesthetics is also important. During the digital age, from time to time, it is highly recommended to renew the website so that it does not look obsolete.

Five years ago, the websites had little or nothing to do with those of today. And taking into account that the image of a site is essential to retain users, it is necessary to avoid that as soon as they enter, they have the feeling that it is old-fashioned.


As far as browsers are concerned, if the web page was developed more than five years ago, it is most likely that it was programmed to work in Internet Explorer, a browser that is practically forgotten today. The website needs to be updated to adapt to Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


During the web design and development process, usability is one of the most critical factors. It refers to the web structure, assessing aspects such as the number of clicks users must make to reach the information or how the content is organized. Of course, the best thing is that users find what they are looking for in the easiest and fastest way possible.


To achieve good web positioning and for the site to look good on mobile devices, it is time to leave behind obsolete technologies such as Flash. The current web design must be based on more avant-garde ones such as HTML5.

There are many reasons to renew a website, both technically and aesthetically. For this reason, it never hurts to review our website: compare it with other websites in the sector and assess whether it continues to meet the needs of users or, on the contrary, the time has come to make changes. 

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