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HomeMARKETING10 off-page SEO keys

10 off-page SEO keys

1) Get Quality Inbound Links

10 Off-Page SEO Keys: Inbound links are the ultimate off-page SEO factor. The premise is straightforward: links from other websites work like votes of confidence about the quality of your page that Google takes into account when establishing its reputation.

There are many possible link-building techniques, but not all are equally beneficial for SEO positioning. The golden rule is that shortcuts do not work: you will need to create quality content that authentically attracts the attention of other websites and always work with the long term in mind.

2) Comment On Industry Blogs And Forums

Actively participating in the conversations of your sector can be very beneficial for positioning, but beware: it is not about introducing links to your site without rhyme or reason or self-promoting your brand, but about providing real value.

3) Improve Your Popularity In Social Networks

Social networks are the new SEO, and they can contribute a lot to the popularity and positioning of your website. It’s like a snake biting its tail:

You post quality content. 10 Off-Page SEO Keys

The content is shared on social networks.

Your site gets new visits and subscribers, and the followers of your profiles on networks grow. In short, the community is generated around your brand.

Your site gains reputation thanks to the visits and links generated.

The site positions better in search engines, so more users discover it and are encouraged to share your content.

4) Do Video Marketing

Although at first glance, it may not seem to be related to  SEO positioning, creating videos of your brand and uploading them to  YouTube can help you rise in search engine positions. How? Thanks to the links generated to your website.

5) Use Guest Blogging

Posting articles on other blogs helps you increase your audience and position yourself as an expert in your industry and generate quality links to your site.

6) Join Directories

Yes, we know that this technique is not as popular as it used to be, but don’t rule it out just yet. Subscribing to quality directories can help you generate links and visits, so it’s an excellent long-term investment. 10 Off-Page SEO Keys

Of course, avoid suspicious sites and paid links.

7) Create Infographics And Other Graphic Elements To Enrich Your Content

This will help you improve the quality of the content and the overall user experience, but it will also work as “bait” to attract incoming links and improve SEO positioning.

8) Control Your Keywords

We tend to think that keywords are an element exclusively of SEO on-page, but this is a mistake. When generating external links to your website, you will have to be strategic about what keywords are used in the anchor text so that they fit with the ones you have selected yourself.

9) Network

If you want to improve your website’s reputation, you will have to make an effort to relate to other websites and influencers in your sector. Thus, you will be able to find opportunities to collaborate and improve your site’s reputation.

10) Don’t Cheat

Last but not least: you are not only interested in doing things right… but also in avoiding doing them wrong.

A Google penalty can ruin many months of work, so you must always be up to date with the rules and avoid resorting to ” black hat ” techniques. The promise of quick results can be tempting, but it’s never worth the risk.

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