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How To Build The Right Relationships With Bloggers

How To Build The Right Relationships With Bloggers: In recent years, establishing contact with bloggers has gained significant importance for many sectors. The reason is that successful bloggers also have loyal readers and thus become a valuable and exciting target audience for many companies and brands. Whoever establishes positive long-term relationships with them will ensure that bloggers become ideal ambassadors for their brands.

However, attracting bloggers is not a very simple task. No writer who regards credibility and integrity as essential factors is allowed to be bought by gifts and pretty words. Today, having a blog has become, for many, an almost professional activity. Therefore, establishing relationships with bloggers and maintaining them represents a significant challenge for many companies

What Benefits Do Companies Get From Collaborating With Bloggers?

When a blogger gains a particular reputation, he becomes a desirable contact for companies and brands. However, why do companies resort to private authors when they have trained workers for content writing in the same company?

The answer is straightforward: the most popular bloggers bring much more to the business world than corporate blogs themselves can offer, that is, authenticity and reach.

Authenticity: most authors bet on authentic, convincing and transparent information, and it has been shown that readers trust this type of information more than any other advertising or marketing measure. If a blogger writes about a product or a company, her opinion is considered credible. In general, in the case of corporate blogs, the intention of self-promotion is obvious.  

Reach: Known and successful bloggers are distinguished by having a loyal readership and a reach that companies can use for themselves. Often the most popular blogs hide an equally successful social media presence. Additionally, bloggers are, for the most part, very well connected and even cite traditional media, so there is nothing to stop them from increasing their reach.

Good reputation and authenticity combined with reach in a specific subject area make blogs an ideal marketing tool. Along with their actions in social networks and the content strategy, companies achieve the connection.

The challenge of collaborating with bloggers: 5 tips for your success

Bloggers are highly sought after as brand ambassadors and influencers for the reasons stated above, so many companies want to integrate them into their communication strategy. This is not so simple since communication with bloggers does not occur through the usual guidelines in public relations. Here are 5 tips to help you build relationships with bloggers:

Tip 1: Relationship With Bloggers Vs Classic Press Job

Press releases, informational material or brochures are classic tools of many human resources departments. This unilateral download of (business) information, through, for example, a distribution list, is not the best way to establish contact with bloggers because they do not wait for the following press release since they are not journalists. How To Build The Right Relationships With Bloggers Successful bloggers are independent, and they have their way of thinking. In addition, they freely choose their topics and their partners. Driven by their enthusiasm, they write about their favourite topics and aim to get interested companies to cooperate with them, acknowledging this passion and sharing it.

Tip 2: Professional Blogging Is A Full-Time Job

The high-reach, professional blogs in the crosshairs of many businesses are no longer, for the most part, just hobby projects. Their authors are dedicated to their full time and are usually not interested in sharing press releases or testing products, at least not in vain. When the blog becomes a full-time job, it is necessary to invest a lot of time and resources, from technical implementation through content creation to maintaining the profile on social networks. Whoever initiates cooperation has to accept the consequences, but many companies do not believe they have to pay bloggers to create content despite everything. The range is worth its weight in golden. Depending on the sector, many companies have to pay between 200 and 500 euros for a blog entry.

Tip 3: Stand Out With Creative Content

Successful bloggers receive more than one request a day. When it comes to reaching and target audience, companies queue up to partner with authors, which also means that authors can be somewhat demanding and can afford to refuse to partner with large companies. Therefore, it is advisable to stand out from the rest.  

The best way to achieve this is through compelling content. With meaningful texts and creating new content ideas, you can highlight your expert status and put yourself on the same level as the author How To Build The Right Relationships With Bloggers. The more individual the first piece of writing is and the more adapted to the blog offer, the greater the chances of a fruitful collaboration.

How To Build The Right Relationships With Bloggers Instead of posting minor press releases, it is advisable to offer exclusive content and information to bloggers, which will add value to readers in the best of cases.

Tip 4: Individual Speeches Instead Of Mass Writing

The dialogue with the bloggers must be personal and individual and, from the beginning, already in the first letter. Guided by the principle of “the more, the merrier”, many HR departments make the mistake of contacting as many bloggers as possible to receive a high percentage of positive responses, resulting in, in many cases, In many cases, the opposite effect. Instead of targeting the most significant possible number of bloggers through an impersonal and mass email using the principle of indiscriminate distribution and without establishing any link to priority and individual topics, an individual dialogue should be opted for. Also, businesses should not overlook the importance of the Internet to the blogging industry. Whoever sends a simple piece of writing without any thematic relevance will damage the brand’s reputation on the web, and their message will most likely end up in the spam folder.

Tip 5: The Right Blogs And Thematic Relevance

Establishing this personal dialogue requires an in-depth study of the scene and identifying the most relevant blogs for the topics covered by the companies. Finding blogs with interesting topics is only half the job since the important thing is, above all, to offer suitable topics. A rule of thumb when building relationships with bloggers is that blogs are not advertising platforms, so obviously, any advertising or HR messaging should be foregone when making topic suggestions. This is because the authors can quickly identify advertising messages so that no author who wants to defend its authenticity will be convinced.

What are the most suitable subject areas to establish relationships with bloggers? The ideal would be to raise topics that highlight the competencies of companies in specific sectors without making any disclosure.

If what you want is to strengthen your brand’s position, this is the ideal way to position yourself as a true expert. However, transparency and credibility are just as influential as an open deal with critics since bloggers have the freedom to express their opinions critically.

Conclusion: The Effort Is Worth It

Businesses can reap many benefits from successful blogging relationships if they implement the right strategy and select the right blog. However, establishing and maintaining this type of relationship is a task that takes time and effort and requires the commitment of both parties. Once the first obstacles are overcome, the long-term collaboration becomes a lucrative business for both parties. Collaborating with bloggers involves some degree of error potential and is quite challenging. However, bloggers are a fundamental part of any influencer strategy, so companies should not overlook them.

foregone when making topic suggestions. This is because the authors can quickly identify advertising messages so that no author who wants to defend its authenticity will be convinced.

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