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What Trends In Social Networks For Companies Will There Be In 2022?

What Trends In Social Networks As a Barcelona social media agency, in this article, we bring you up to date on the prominent trends you should consider for your brand for next year in terms of social networks. Take advantage of your time and effort to boost your Instagram for businesses, Twitter, and other communication channels for a beneficial Barcelona digital marketing strategy. Read on for the details!

Content Created By The Same User

In its beginnings, social networks only shared content created by people, that is, users. However, due to the weight and prominence that they began to exert, social networks for companies took the giant leap and allowed both the media and brands of all kinds to reach a much larger audience.

Therefore, the user’s feeling was somewhat bittersweet since the content published on, for example, Instagram for companies, ceased to be natural, fresh, and original. This made many consumers stop focusing on what the extensive profiles said and continue betting on the purest content, letting their most personal creativity and ingenuity fly on platforms such as Tik Tok or Instagram. 

Tik Tok And Its Growing Reach

As we said at the beginning of this post, digital marketing Barcelona is the order of the day. Thus, the channels with the most repercussion among Internet consumers can change from time to time. For this reason, a Barcelona social media agency must be in charge of knowing each one of the platforms and their impact.

Although Instagram recently, for companies, was at the top of the channels of communication with the most footprint among the public, now it seems that it shares its throne with Tik Tok. This platform already has more than 1,000 million monthly active users, offering company content a new opportunity to renew its essence and giving rise to immediate, innovative information in a short period.

Greater Authority Of The Influencers

Within Barcelona’s digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing has become a dominant methodology in the sector. Therefore, social networks for companies quickly echoed what it could mean for your brand to have a figure that could generate interest among your target.

Thus, those who make the most of this opportunity are those businesses that know their public’s needs and manage to identify the influencers who will give greater importance to their products. Most cases occur on Instagram for companies, although as we said a few lines above, the rise of other channels such as TikTok or Twitch is gaining momentum with no intention of stopping.

Post-Pandemic Content Adapted To Consumers.

Both marketing professionals and a Barcelona social media agency have had to adapt to the conditions and content trends imposed by COVID-19. At a time of total uncertainty in which the fundamentals of relationships between clients and brands seemed to be established, social networks for companies increased their use since the possibilities of physically interacting were practically nil.

And indeed, the consumption of social media was already high. During confinement and the post-pandemic, it increased by more than 500 million worldwide compared to the same period of the previous year. Thus, considering the transformation of consumer habits, brands must also act accordingly, formalizing more individualized content to improve the customer experience. 

Protection Against Disinformation

Society is immersed in a substantial omnichannel, that is, many channels and communication platforms through which the user is kept informed. However, this can lead to an excess of information that can trigger fake news.

Consumers of social networks and the Internet, in general, receive and consult tons of information every day at all hours, whether in the form of articles, reports, or simply news. And with this, the unknown of “what is real and what is not of all this” grows continuously, so the transparency and integrity of the shared information have been damaged. To combat it, platforms like Twitter will subtly invite the reader to contrast the information before sharing it.

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