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SEO Advantages Of Creating A Corporate Blog For Your Business Website

SEO Advantages Of Creating A Corporate Blog: Today I need to explain why you should create a blog for your corporate website. Logically, I will approach it from the point of view of the benefits it has for organic search engine positioning, which is why I recommend it to all clients. But I will try to give you some more good reasons not to stay there alone and give you some tips to maintain it.

Why Create A Corporate Blog For Your ebsite

These are the advantages of having a blog to position your website in search engines.

Freshness, content update

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it to you, but search engines like pages that are dynamic and frequently update their content. Posting on the blog guarantees you to continually release new content (as long as you maintain a regular posting rate).

Perfectly optimized landing pages

Surely you have heard that to optimize a page, and you have to give it a title that contains the main keyword, that the web address must also include a keyword, that it has internal links with relevant texts towards your pages, headings I don’t know how many and several N+1000 words… But all these requirements become complicated when we talk about a home page where I can only briefly describe my services so as not to bore the user, and I must show them an attractive design. The blog allows you to extend the number of words, optimize the URL, link internally to wherever you want, with the anchor text you want…etc.

Opportunity to get quality links

It is more difficult to get quality links that give your website the authority it needs to position itself on the internet every day. SEO Advantages Of Creating A Corporate Blog Because, in case you don’t know, there used to be a lot of spam until Google got tired and brought us its new algorithm Google Penguin, ready to penalize websites left and right so that they never appear in search results again. But the links to resources of interest that contribute something to the user (e.g. a guide on setting up a blog step by step) continue to be well valued by search engines and give you a very succulent relevance as an expert.

Easy to attract quality web traffic

This point is directly related to the previous one. If we create quality content and other sites link to us, we can attract new users to our website from another website (referral traffic).

Increased dwell time

Google, and therefore the majority of search engines used in the world, likes that the user who enters your page stays browsing it for a while. Or put another way, you don’t want that when a user enters your website through a search, they return immediately to the search engine because he interprets that they didn’t like it. If we create good content that keeps the reader hooked, this indicator will go in our favour.

Enhancement of internal linking

There is a lot of talk about internal links, which increase the tracking and relevance of specific content within our website (the more internal links it receives, the more critical it is and the more times search robots visit it). The blog helps us launch more internal links to the sections we are most interested in promoting, using a relevant anchor text (we put the text that we want related to our keywords to the link) that will allow us to appear for searches related to it. SEO Advantages Of Creating A Corporate Blog And of course, with these links, we will also take clients from the blog (thanks to publications that may be of interest to them easily “positionable”) towards our most outstanding products or services.

social media activity

I can’t tell you how, but it is a reality that social networks are decisive today for web positioning. 

Interaction on social networks is an indicator of the relevance of a website on the internet. Creating content on the blog helps us feed our social networks with quality content that bears our stamp as a company or professional.

More benefits of a blog

Image, authority in the face of our leading clients

The blog serves for our clients to know us better. And if they read us often, they will likely identify with our brand or our way of doing things. Therefore, a blog makes it easier for us to increase conversions.

Benefits company-client communication

Having a blog where people participate through comments (either on the blog itself or through social networks) guarantees us to obtain feedback to continue improving. It offers another channel for the client to communicate with you. Apple doesn’t have customers, and it has fans. Why not get fans through the blog?

Launch offers or products

You can take advantage of the blog to launch offers or talk about new products or services that interest your audience. In addition, in this channel, there is usually a lot of trust on the user’s part.

Gain contacts, subscribers

The blog can be a way to gain subscribers, offering them resources of interest periodically. It’s also a way to grab the attention of those already on your list. Your potential client must have you in his mind if he needs your company’s services or products.

The satisfaction of helping

Through the blog, you can share experiences or tricks on a specific topic, which can be very helpful to your users. It is always rewarding to help.

How to publish content for your corporate blog?

The million-dollar question. How can I maintain an adequate frequency of publishing content on the blog if I hardly have time to manage my company or my project? In this sense, I think it is essential to distinguish what we are offering. I mean that offering products are not the same as providing services.


You have it a little more complicated than expected if you offer services because you must always contribute from your personal experience. Especially if you are freelance, you always have to write (unless you do guest article collaborations). And you mustn’t publish to publish but talk about a topic that you master. Get organized and make sure you release at least one piece of content as often as you determine you can maintain. If your company comprises a team of professionals, the ideal would be to have a copy that publishes with a specific frequency or to distribute the work among the group.


If you have an online store, it is a little easier. Let me explain, and a product will have specific characteristics that are objective, so you can easily extract information on the internet and talk about a particular product. There is no doubt that it is necessary to talk about products and encourage user assistance in the use of these and provide interesting related resources. But it will always be easier to get new content about products than services.

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