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The Value Of A Personal Experience In An E-Commerce

The Value Of A Personal Experience In An E-Commerce: In recent years, the digital environment has undergone many changes in the ecosystem and customer purchasing habits. This is why, at this time, the consumer seeks personalization and experience with their interests, benefits, and values.

One of the keys for e-commerce to offer a good shopping experience is understanding consumer needs and behavior. We tell you how to make the most of its functions to attract and retain more consumers in your e-commerce. Read on to find out why it’s important. Know us! The Value Of A Personal Experience In An E-Commerce 

Personalization For Better Loyalty

Personalization has become an essential point for e-commerce since 62% of online users value personalized shopping experiences positively. In addition, thanks to this personalization, it is possible to improve the level of sales, increasing them from 5 to 15% on average. The Value Of A Personal Experience In An E-Commerce

This fact goes much further than offering a specific experience to the user. What is sought is to create a great impact on the user to initiate loyalty and become a customer. And it is that a good personalization strategy is essential to strengthening a lasting relationship with the client.  The Value Of A Personal Experience In An E-Commerce

We bring you four effective personalization tactics to achieve that greater bond through personalization.  The Value Of A Personal Experience In An E-Commerce

Collect The Most Relevant Data In The Initial Records

While collecting fewer customer data upfront can limit future opportunities, long forms in digital media mean lower registration rates, so many brands are limited to asking for names and email addresses. 

A digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience recommends using newsletters with content preferences for better customer segmentation.

Collect The Data Once They Are Logged In

With the records, we obtain little information about the clients. Still, web design and development must have a high user record of obtaining more relevant information once they start the session and segment them better. The Value Of A Personal Experience In An E-Commerce

Personalization Based On User Behavior

The data we obtain from the user’s behavior during their activity with the web can be used for the web and to show products and promotions for the client’s interest.

Leverage Data To Target Emailing

Personalization must go beyond web design and development and be oriented toward communication and personalized promotions for each client, with personalized emails according to each customer profile. The Value Of A Personal Experience In An E-Commerce

The element of personalization for online stores can be a key point to boost digital sales. As a Barcelona online marketing agency, we know that there are different important points apart from the ones we have told you about before to convert more sales.

A good experience for the customer is the search box of a website. This system must be able to expedite the possible interests that the user may have, with intelligent customization of previous searches and semantic interpretation of searches.


Individual customization for each user, always respecting the user’s privacy, can be taken to another level on the website, with types of content customized to each client, location, and history of interactions on the web. This way, the client feels important and unique for better brand loyalty.

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