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Tips For Deleting Personal Information From The Internet

Tips For  Deleting personal information from the Internet is challenging due to its ease of dissemination and duplication. Once data is online, it can increase across numerous platforms, making comprehensive erasure improbable. Vigilance in privacy settings, requesting removal, and consistent monitoring are vital for minimizing digital footprints.

Identifies All Personal Information Public On The Internet

The first step to removing personal data from the Internet is to identify all that is uploaded. In this part, we must: Deleting personal information from the Internet

  • Take stock of all the social networks we have created. The networks in which we are active and those we have not entered for years are important.
  • Also, locate all the email addresses we have. Sometimes, we may not remember all the passwords and have to recover them by another means.
  • Identify all the applications or programs we have a profile, from Netflix or Spotify to Amazon.
  • Google your personal information: full name, email, phone number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number to see everything listed. Do this search in incognito mode to see how a typical user would find the results.

What Information Can Be Deleted, And How

Now that we have located all the data, it is time to remove personal information from the Internet. Deleting personal information from the Internet

Let’s go by steps!

Not all social networks and pages offer the option to delete the profile, or you may not be interested in deleting it if you want to use it later. In this case, it is possible to deactivate the accounts, hide them, or delete each of the personal data.

On the other hand, on the social networks you want to continue using, review all the public information, who can see it, and all the posts and publications. Make privacy adjustments and delete or hide all the data you are not interested in keeping: phone number, postal address, date of birth… Later, we will see what to consider in the main networks.

Delete all your data from the Google search engine. This is possible thanks to the “Right to be forgotten.” It consists of a clause allowing you to request the removal of all old or non-relevant information from Google, which applies in the European Union. This way, these results are no longer indexed and cannot be easily found.

Once you have completed these steps, it is time to delete the email accounts that you no longer use. We leave this step for last since many of the profiles you have been eliminating may be associated with them. Deleting personal information from the Internet

As each social network has different functions and characteristics, we are going to review what should be taken into account in each of the main ones:

Instagram Personal Information

In “Edit Profile,” you can change the name, username, and description to remove any data you do not want to be accessible. Deleting personal information from the Internet

You can select whether you want your profile to be public or private in the privacy settings. You can also choose who can see your stories.

Finally, check all the posts, including the tagged ones, and delete or hide the ones you do not want to appear on your profile.

Personal Information On Facebook

Go to “Edit personal data” to control the personal information you share and who can see it.

Although original names are usually used on Facebook, it is possible to shorten them or use an alias to be less reachable.

Just like on Instagram, review all your own tagged posts and delete or hide the ones you don’t want to have on your profile. It must also be taken into account that, while on Instagram, the entire profile is public or private, on Facebook, you can adjust the privacy of each publication so that only your friends or specific users can see it.

Personal Information On Twitter

In the “Edit profile” section, you can modify your name, birthday, description, profile photo, cover photo, and website.

The Twitter account can be set to public or private. This will affect the performance as a whole and cannot be modified on a per-post basis like on Facebook.

Twitter posts cannot be edited, but it is possible to delete any that have sensitive content that we do not want to have uploaded.

On the other hand, all social networks offer the possibility of reporting posts by other users that violate the usage policies so that they are completely deleted.

Google’s Tool To Delete Personal Information From The Internet

In addition to this complete review to remove personal information from the Internet, Google offers an exciting tool to release personal information. Google’s information deletion policy states that all basic contact information can be deleted. That is financial data, medical information, and any personal information that can be used to intimidate, humiliate, or threaten. Deleting personal information from the Internet

What Is The Procedure To Delete This Information? 

Very simple! You must fill out a web form indicating what information you want to delete, and Google will proceed to analyze your specific case.

Now that we have reviewed the main recommendations and tools to delete personal information from the Internet, you may also be interested in knowing what two-factor authentication is—a security process by which identity must be confirmed by two different means before accessing an account.

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