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Tricks To Avoid Damaging Your Mobile Battery And Make It Last Longer

Caring for your mobile battery is crucial for longevity and performance. Avoid extreme temperatures, use the correct charger, charge optimally, and minimize heat-producing activities. Keep software updated, close unnecessary apps, and optimize settings. Regularly reboot your phone, manage notifications, and consider professional battery replacement when needed to maintain your device’s health.

What Habits Damage Your Mobile Battery?

Please charge the battery on the computer, expose it to extreme temperatures, turn on the phone when it is out of charge, leave it plugged in overnight, wait for your phone’s battery to be at 100%, have GPS and the search for WiFi networks activated all the time… These are just some of the habits with which, without realizing it, you are shortening the useful life of your smartphone every day.

Below, we explain it in more detail.

Charge The Battery On The Computer.

Connecting your mobile via the USB cable to charge the battery reduces its useful life. The currents between the two USB inputs vary greatly, so the device gets hotter than when you plug it into the mains. In this sense, the best option is to use the original charger.

Exposing Your Phone To Extreme Temperatures

Smartphones use lithium batteries because they charge faster than traditional batteries. However, the battery’s performance is affected when this material is subjected to higher or lower temperatures than usual.

Please Turn On The Mobile When It Is Without Charge.

Even if they are at 0% power, smartphone batteries have a small reserve of energy that should not be consumed. Therefore, trying to turn on the phone when it has been turned off is quite harmful since you will run the risk of it not turning on again and having to take it to technical service.

Charging The Battery Too Much

Many don’t know it, but charging your phone for short periods does not affect its battery life. Some studies argue that setting it several times a day is preferable, even if the battery is half full. On the other hand, charging the phone for too long, waiting for it to be at 0%, and letting it reach 100% does harm it.

Activate Location

It would be best if you disabled GPS in specific applications (for example, Twitter) that, by default, use and record it without you realizing it. Additionally, having the location active on your phone throughout the day will drain the battery more quickly and damage it.

The Poor Coverage 

When the mobile tries to connect to a WiFi network or establish a stable connection in areas with low signal strength, it consumes more energy than usual. In these cases, for example, activating airplane mode is the best option to avoid wasting battery when you travel by train or subway.

These Guidance To Make Your Mobile Battery Last Longer

Below, we give you some recommendations to extend the life of your smartphone so that the battery stops being a headache every day. Attentive!

  • Avoid charging your phone on the computer, and use the original charger.
  • Do not expose it to extreme temperatures: neither too high nor too low. And if you can do without using covers, do so, as it contributes to the terminal overheating.
  • When your phone is turned off due to low battery, do not try to turn it on.
  • Please don’t wait for the battery to reach 0% to charge it or leave it plugged in until it comes to 100%.
  • Avoid charging your phone for long periods. Connecting it several times daily and for less time than setting it all night is preferable.
  • Disable location if you are not using it and disable it from apps that use it and register it by default.
  • Activate airplane mode if you are in an area with low coverage, and deactivate WiFi when you are using the data rate.
  • Reduce screen brightness and the time it takes for the light to turn off when you stop using your phone, and eliminate auto-rotate and vibrate mode.
  • Update your applications and operating system (with WiFi, of course). The new versions of the apps help better manage the battery they consume.
  • Delete from your mobile those apps and widgets that you do not use. Doing so will not only free up space, but you will also save on battery. In many cases, even if you do not use them, they continue to consume energy.


With these tips, you can get the most out of your mobile phone’s battery and thus avoid the terrible feeling of turning off when you are away from home and without a plug nearby, which you have already experienced more than once. Carrying a wireless charger will be of great help. Cautious people are worth two!

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