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Discover The False Myths Of Mobile Batteries.

Discover The False Myths Of Mobile Batteries. There are several myths about the mobile battery that do not match reality. And believing in theories without solid arguments can lead you to misuse your battery. 

For this reason, here we are going to talk about this topic and, incidentally, clarify your doubts about it. Follow us carefully and know the truth firsthand!

What Are The Most Popular Mobile Battery Myths?

Indeed you are always aware of the duration of your battery and how to take better care of it. Based on this need, a series of false myths have been generated. Not only regarding the operation of your smartphone’s battery but also its danger. Some of the most popular are:

You Should Not Use The Mobile While You Are Charging

There is no problem in using the mobile while it is charging. Moreover, all mobile phone technology

is currently designed to protect them in different circumstances. Even in the event of a possible overload in the electrical network, quality chargers have protection.

When you use your mobile while charging it, you ensure the battery retains its charge. And much more when discussing applications that demand effective battery use. Likewise, keeping the mobile connection will prevent you from wasting its battery when making long-term calls. Mobile Batteries.

When The Cell Phone Battery Is 100%, It Must Be Disconnected So As Not To Burn It.

Also, this statement is entirely false. Current battery systems automatically disconnect when they reach 100%. Batteries today have security systems that prevent different types of damage. However, in very old mobile phone models, it did happen that the storm began to overheat when it reached 100%. Hence, we intuit that this myth continued to be preserved over time. But don’t worry because modern models have a very advanced type of technology regarding security. Mobile Batteries.

Half-Charged Batteries Run Out Of Power Unexpectedly

Another statement that is false and more so if we talk about mobile phones with the latest technology. It is essential to clarify that the phone will always show you the actual value of the battery charge. In this way, only when the mobile indicates that it will turn off because it has a low battery is when it will do so, not before? What can happen is that you feel the battery runs out very quickly when it is less than 50%. But remember that there are apps that you may be using that consume more energy. Mobile Batteries.

Generic Chargers Are Bad” Is Another Of The Most Popular Mobile Battery Myths

Keep in mind that usually, each mobile phone requires a charger that is the one that corresponds to its brand and model. However, there are generic chargers of excellent quality. What is recommended in these cases is to resort to stores specialized in the subject and recognized for the quality of the products they sell. Generally, you will find sound advice there and, in addition, you will have a guarantee on the product they sell you. Of course, be wary when a charger is very cheap. Investing and not regretting later damage to your mobile phone is better. Mobile Batteries.

Also, some users prefer fast-charging equipment that, if they are not of good quality, can damage your battery. Therefore, the ideal is to stay many times with the traditional original slow charging device with which you are safe.

Charging The Battery With The Mobile Off Is Better

It is not better or worse. Whether you charge the battery with the mobile turned off or on is the same. The only thing that can happen is that the battery charges faster when the mobile phone is turned off. But, about the care of the storm, this point does not have a greater incidence.

Other Mobile Battery Myths That Are True

Just as there are false myths, there are others that are real and that will help you to make your battery work ideally. Some of the most important are:

Once your phone charges its battery 100%, wait longer to ensure this charge.

When your phone turns off completely and you connect it to a power source, do not try to turn it on immediately; wait at least a few minutes. Remember that the mobile operating system requires a minimum load to start. 

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