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What Are Snippets, Featured Snippets, Or Featured Fragments

What Are Snippets, Featured Snippets, Or Featured Fragments: Google increasingly seeks to shed information more quickly and concisely. Some forms are free, such as natural SEO searches, references in Google Maps, photos of the terms, or the famous Featured Snippets, which consist of a summary that Google makes of part of the content of our website and automatically shows it to users. Users.

Others are paid, such as the famous AdWords, which are ads displayed at the top of each page in specific terms of media that pay to be present, or Google Shopping, which is the same, but with a microfiche of a product with its price. Photo and text.

From time to time, new formats appear to improve the search experience.

With Snippets, known as featured snippets in our language, users can receive a short answer to their search directly in the search results without the user having to navigate through different pages.

If we look at the first page of results to the question « What is the difference between the motorway and dual carriageway? » we directly find an answer to our question:

The text is created directly and automatically by Google from the page linked in the Snippet – in our case, from the result found on

These results have their pros and cons, like everything, but the truth is that it has more and more detractors for reasons that we will see later. The advantage is that the Featured Snippets appear above the organic results and directly below the possible ad unit. Compared to universal SEO results, the Snippet does not displace any organic results, which is why we can also refer to position 0 when talking about featured snippets.

How Many Featured Snippets Exist?

There are three types of featured snippets or Snippets:

Text Snippets: Highlighted Snippets Of Text.

In our first screenshot, we have seen an example of a text Snippet that can go with or without an associated image. In this previous case, we had it with one of the first images of the article in question. Most Text Snippets are created from Wikipedia articles.

Video Snippets: Highlighted Video Snippets.

Alongside Text Snippets, Google also often shows video results for specific queries. In this case, searching for the best football moments,

In the case of Video Snippets, we have received almost exclusively (>99%) results from YouTube.

We Featured Snippets With Ready.

Google can create a list of your site’s text without the site having the information in this table or list format. That is, Google takes the lead and transforms it into a list or a table, and sometimes these lists can contain an image, as in the following example:

Many people ask us how they can create Featured Snippets by continuously searching for the first position or position 0. You can’t force the result. Google decides independently for which searches it will show a snippet and which domain is apt to give the best answer.

Google provides a reference to the searches that qualify for a featured snippet. As part of the “Know” search intent, Google defines the “Know Simple” subgroup as responses that “correctly and completely fit, in 1-2 sentences or a short list, on a mobile phone screen.”

One of the disadvantages of these fragments is that the client can read the extract of the document or download a file without having to enter our website, so we can start to lose traffic to our website since Google shows our summary in its results. 

Search. An example is a client that has a website with text and a downloadable document, and Google directly indexes the paper so that users do not need to enter the website to download the copy, which is a clear disadvantage for a website that has relevant content and that with this new method Google does not provide traffic.

There is the possibility to prevent Google from using your site for a Snippet if you add an in the Header of the page – but there is no tag that forces Google to create a Snippet.

If, on the other hand, we favor the list structure in Snippets, the information doesn’t need to be well structured, but it is helpful to have HTML tags for tables and lists.

Voice Search Snippets

An essential aspect of Featured Snippets is their use in Google voice searches, especially text boxes. When we do a voice search in Google Home, the answer to the user will also be returned by voice as long as the question allows an answer in this way.

The important thing that we have seen in these 26 years that we have been with web projects is that in the end, if we work on ethical SEO, we will have stable, growing results over time. Google will bring out things for their benefit or ours, but always a professional web development job, well programmed and layout, with relevant content and quality links, fleeing from the “quick” picaresque brings with it maintenance in the market over the long term. Of the years.

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