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HomeTECHNOLOGYWhy Is Digital Content Localization So Effective For Brand Promotion?

Why Is Digital Content Localization So Effective For Brand Promotion?

Why Is Digital Content Localization: Have you ever wondered how you can strengthen your brand through digital innovation? The task is not so easy – the global market is very diverse, and brand value has to be brought to a wide variety of local markets. In addition to the many separate channels involved, strong analytical skills are also required. Maybe there are some ready-made solutions to strengthen the brand?

Two Ideas Worth Seeing

As Eric Martin, president of Mart inspiration, Inc., explains, this is where digital localization becomes essential. Why Is Digital Content Localization Today, global marketing uses several techniques to measure brand performance. Unfortunately, two fundamental ideas are not always given due consideration. The first is that in dealing with clients, you should consider the local characteristics of each country. Second, it is helpful to analyze feedback to prepare you one step further.

The Main Ingredients Of Your Content – What Are They?

Before diving headlong into improving brand strategies, let’s look at a few tips that localization experts love to share. Why Is Digital Content Localization Bruno Hermann, Digital Globalization and Localization Director at Nielsen Company, recommend evaluating customer relationships internationally to get started. This way, you can understand if the content is successfully localized at the moment. Analyze the two main pieces of content: visual and textual.

  • Visual elements such as images, symbolism, use of colors – all of this should be adapted to the expectations of customers in each local market separately. Many companies have made big mistakes here, localizing completely irrelevant visual elements. Customers can understand brand strategy in unexpected ways. It is best for your campaign if the marketing and localization teams are aware of the importance of visual content right away.
  • Text elements include slogans, hashtags, keywords, ad copy, and any other text displayed about your brand. The main localization mistake here is to think that some terms or catchphrases are popular everywhere and are perceived in the same way worldwide. This misconception leads to an inadequate perception of the brand’s core message – and, of course, worsens the connection with the customer.

Towards More Powerful Content Localization

Considering all of the above, content localization requires a comprehensive approach. Marketing departments, brand managers, design and localization teams must all join forces to ensure that the quality of localized content inspires confidence in its effectiveness. Here are a few points, following which you can achieve an ideal result:

  1. Weigh all the challenges before starting a marketing campaign (and localizing content). Consider the cultural, linguistic characteristics of the target market. This will help you create an accurate plan for your strategy.
  2. Study the experience of previous localizations, both your own and your competitors. Use metrics and KPIs to understand which tactics have performed the most. This will clarify how much content needs to be localized, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.
  3. Use automated localization tools. Digital solutions can make the process much easier. Try to create “flexible” content quickly adapted and adopted to customer needs.

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