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HomeBUSINESS5 Things You Should Know Before Making Your Logo

5 Things You Should Know Before Making Your Logo

1º The Logo Is Your Cover Letter

5 Things You Should Know Before Making Your Logo For many of your future clients, the first thing they will see of you is your logo, card, some advertising, or your website’s logo. Show them really who you are and what you do. The first image is essential and is never forgotten, so you must get an advantageous position in the first meeting. Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can create the suitable logo

2º Characteristics That A Logo Should Have


It should be appropriate for the business you identify with, and it is inappropriate to create a logo with a racy design for a children’s product. fresh fish Alfa Romeo

A logo does not have to define the company’s activity but its values. A good example is that of Alfa Romeo. It does not reference the automobile world, but it does represent values of innovation, technology, lightness, dynamism, unique spirit, and style. 


Fashions pass sooner or later, but your logo should stay fresh for as long as possible

Fresh fish coca cola

I could not choose another example to represent a logo that endures fresh and attractive over the years. Since then, the American brand, founded in 1886, has sported a logo with very few slight changes. 


I know this may sound impossible considering the number of logos we see every day, but the idea is to differentiate yourself as much as possible from the competition. Fresh fish apple

The Apple logo is unique for its style and originality, far from the technology sector’s uncompromising aesthetic. It places itself in a position that differentiates it from its competitors. 

Versatile and scalable

The logo must be designed both for a 5-meter billboard and for a label on a t-shirt and, of course, adaptable to an infinity of formats and materials. It must work both in analog and digital. fresh fish twitter

The Twitter logo (isotype) can be seen perfectly even by significantly reducing its size. Although we generally see it in digital format due to the company’s activity, it would work just as well printed on a T-shirt or labelled on a car.


Think that a pedestrian has just a few seconds to see the logo on your company vehicle. Try to make your logo remembered in that time interval. fresh fish McDonald Close your eyes and think of a brand. 5 Things You Should Know Before Making Your Logo What comes to mind? The designers of the logo of Mc. Donald has combined color and shape to quickly create an easily fixed element in memory.


This feature is critical, or the most important, since simplicity greatly helps carry out each of the previous parts.

 3º The Logo Is Not Only An Image

The logo is not just a pretty icon that represents your company. The logo must express the values of your business, its history, and its objectives. Before creating, we have to collect all the possible information about the company

Some Of The Questions You Should Ask

What is the name of the company/ organization?

What name will appear in the logo? (naming)

What differentiates your company from the others?

What services or products does your company provide? How many years has the company been in the market?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?

What is the vision of the company in the medium and long term?

Who is the main competitor?

What motivated you to start this business/ organization? 

If the company is new, it probably has little or no history, but if your company comes from a previous business or what you want to do is update your company logo, you must be very clear about where you come from and where you want to go, it would brand like Pepsi with many years of life behind it, suddenly, would change its logo completely, leaving behind the image that has represented it for years.

4º How Much Is A Logo Worth?

I can’t answer this lightly, and it depends on many factors. First of all, say that a well-done logo takes a lot of work; as I mentioned before, there is not only graphic work, but also a demanding previous job to get to know the company and the client’s vision in depth. Factors that determine the price of a logo

  • experience and talent

You will find many designers in the market, and in this sector, as in many others, quality is paid for. I do not want to say that you go directly to the most expensive one, but from your possible price range, you will find information about the designers to choose a professional that suits you. Do a good job.

  •  Project features

Each project involves different difficulties; making a logo for a new sports store is not the same as redesigning the symbol of a food company with 100 years of history and established in the market as a leader in the sector. 

  • Delivery term

If the client wants a good and fast job, he will have to pay more since the designer will have to work intensely and park other projects on the schedule to have your logo on time.

  •  Services provided and material

From the first moment, the terms of the project that are included in the budget and those that are not must be agreed on. 5 Things You Should Know Before Making Your Logo From there, the value of the project will be extracted with greater accuracy. The success of your business depends more than 50% on communication, and the logo is the first communication element. 

5º A Good Logo Is A Good Investment

Just as you do not hesitate to spend money on the best materials to have a high-quality product or invest in advertising so that your services are known, the image of your business is equally an investment and no less important. A good picture offers confidence and conveys that things are being done well.

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