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Tamilgun 2023 New Tamil Movies Online for Free

English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Kannada, and more are some languages whose films can be pirated on the Tamilgun website. To watch movies for free, many people turn to the Tamilgun website, which is often mentioned among those engaged in the illegal practice of movie piracy. 

Other than TamilGun, there are many other pirate websites throughout the globe offering free movies; for details on all of them, including TamilGun, we will include a link to a comprehensive list. In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not it is safe to use these sites to download movies.

Know About Tamilgun

Besides India, Tamilgun is well-known in other countries for its illegal distribution of movies. The movies on this site are available in every language users can think of, and they’re all free. The Tamilgun website provides pirated copies of films from many film industries. The site never endorses or advises illegal movie download sites. 

The Tamilgun website is well-known for hosting pirated versions of Telugu films that folks can download legally. The Tamilgun website also facilitates the illegal downloading of dubbed films in languages other than Tamil, including English, Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil. There is also a rise in Bollywood film piracy in 2022 and 2023. The loss to the film’s owner is so substantial that users probably can’t even fathom it.

Tamil gun APK Detail

APK NameTamilgun 2023
App Version5.6.0 & Above
LanguagesHindi, English, Telegu, Tamil, etc.
CategoryEntertainment (Tamil, Bollywood, Hollywood Dubbed Movies & Web Series Download)
APK AvailableYes

Tamilgun Movies Download In HD (Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam)

Folks Folks can find free movie downloads on a wide variety of websites. A recent poll found that over 18 percent of Indians use piracy websites like Tamilgun to watch pirated material online. The newest Tamil Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed, and Gujarati movies can all be downloaded illegally through Tamilgun.

Features Of Tamilgun Platform

A massive festival is planned for 2022, known as Tamilgun, to commemorate this momentous occasion for the Tamil people. Cultural events and outdoor concerts are being held all around the nation as part of the festivities. Efforts are now being made to ensure that the event will be a spectacular success. 

Around Tamil Nadu, there will be flower processions and fireworks displays. Make sure to put this day in the calendar and get ready to celebrate the Tamil people’s rich traditions and vibrant culture.

  • Downloads from Tamilgun.com are lightning quick because of how quickly their server processes requests.
  • As a user-friendly website, Tamilgun Movies has gained much attention.
  • Use of this site is a breeze.
  • Tamilgun supports various high-definition video file types, including mp4, Full HD, HD & 300MB Mkv movies.
  • All the newest South Indian films in both original and Hindi audio are hosted here.
  • Depending on the size of the hard drive and how quickly the internet connection is, users can watch the newest movies in the comfort of their homes.
  • Tamilgun’s information is organized neatly into sections that are simple to navigate.
  • Tamilgun Bollywood Films are available for download on desktop and mobile devices.

Download New Tamil Movies & Hindi Dubbed Movies

Users can get free Tamil movie downloads at Tamilgun.com. From the looks of things, it is one of the tops visited movie-downloading sites online. This website is straightforward to use. New releases and updates to previously released films are available. Users can watch movies with Tamil subtitles on the site as well. Movie buffs looking for the newest releases without breaking the bank will find this website invaluable.

How To Download Tamilgun Movies Via Mobile

First, you need a VPN to switch your location. We have some recommended VPN apps for you. Use one of the VPN apps on your Android mobile device. After installing the VPN app, open the app and select the location in the United States. Then I recommend you check the IP address. So if the IP address is changed, please go to TamilGun’s official website. That’s it, and you will get full access to the TamilGun website. Now choose any movie to download.

Websites Alternatives To Tamilgun For Downloading Movies

A Method To Legally Stream These Movies For Free Over The Internet

Several legitimate options exist for accessing these movies online for free download and viewing. Use a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, for instance. Users can stream movies and television programmes from these services on a computer, smartphone, or another device. Video streaming services, such as those offered by Prime Video and Apple’s iTunes Store, can also be available to users. 

Subscription fees are often required to access some streaming services’ libraries of movies and television series. But if users are students or members who sign up before the regular paying date, users can save money on many of these services. Consequently, before committing to a single provider, weighing all available possibilities is wise.

Website For Tamilgun’s Legal Alternatives

Since it is a pirated website, downloading movies from Tamilgun is illegal in India and several other countries. Although pirate websites are often shut down, they create new domains when sanctioned. 

Thus, the government cannot still permanently shut down such sites. But we should not visit such places to engage in any wrongdoing. Users can use the Tamilgun alternatives listed below without worrying about breaking any laws

  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Crackle
  • Pluto TV
  • PopcornFlix
  • MoviesFoundOnline
  • Hulu
  • Vimeo
  • Yahoo View
  • IMDb TV

Latest Proxy Sites Working for Tamilgun 2023:

  • tamilgun.cz
  • tamilgun.cl
  • tamilgun.fr
  • tamilgun.re
  • tamilgun.website
  • tamilgun.be
  • tamilgun.cc
  • tamilgun.biz
  • tamilgun.au
  • tamilgun.info
  • tamilgun.pc
  • tamilgun.proxy

Can Users Watch & Download HD Videos Without Buffering?

A fast internet connection is necessary to watch these movies online without interruptions caused by buffering. If users want to watch high-definition videos online, users should look into utilizing a fibre-optic connection or a streaming service. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu are the most well-known services. 

If users are looking for a service that can stream their favourite movies in Ultra HD quality without interruptions, then one of these options is for users. Also, before users start streaming high dynamic range (HDR) content on the Android or iOS device, be sure it can handle it by reading our instructions on the subject.

The Tamilgun Movie Download Guide

This website has a very user-friendly user interface. One thing to say in favour of Tamilgun 300MB movies is that users created the site with the users’ requirements in mind. Numerous visitors either lack the linguistic skills or are unprepared to utilize the site.

  • Try typing the URL into Google and clicking on the first result.
  • Choose a film from the list of films available
  • Type the title of the preferred film into the search field.
  • Users should click on the movie to get the Tamilgun movie download 2023.
  • The next step is to choose the download button.
  • The download of the movie has begun.

Various Advantages & Disadvantages Of Tamilgun

TamilGun is a brand new & fascinating movie-centric website for those living in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil movies on this site are of excellent quality, and the site is devoid of irritating advertisements and other distractions. However, it is important to think about the possible downsides as well. 

To begin, users likely have stumbled into a fraudulent website designed to steal private information. Second, some people can find these videos inappropriate. Others can find the content too intense or disturbing. However, despite the plethora of other online resources, TamilGun can be useful for some. Whether users want to see if it is worth the time, users should read the reviews first.


As of 2023, Tamil movies have been leaked for free on the TamilGun website. Since the site is currently down, we have saved some examples of the stolen content in the gallery below. Please take care while downloading files from unknown sources, and if privacy is a concern, consider using a virtual private network (VPN).


And just what is this term Tamilgun?

Sites like Tamilgun host illegal copies of media. Tamil, Hollywood, and Bollywood dubbed movies are available for free download here.

Just how come Tamilgun has gotten so much love?

Like other torrent sites, Tamilgun lets users download video content in full HD quality, which is quite easy to use.

A Secure Website To Download From?

Since Tamilgun is against the law, its users risk legal repercussions if they access the site. Reports surfaced of malicious software being propagated over its pages. Users who want to avoid these problems should avoid this torrent platform and instead utilize other lawful websites.


We are totally against any internet piracy and do not advocate for it. We’re familiar with copyright laws and terms and follow them religiously. We want to educate people about the dangers of piracy via these pages and urge everyone to stay away from sites that promote it. We stand firmly with the Copyright Act as a company. Customers should use extreme caution while navigating the Internet and should stay away from malicious sites.

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