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HomeBUSINESSWhat Is It, And How To Identify A High-Value Customer

What Is It, And How To Identify A High-Value Customer

What Is It, And How To Identify A High-Value Customer are as relevant as any other agent of the company. However, not all are the same, and there are new customers, others who buy on impulse, and others who only believe if there is a discount… 

But what about high-value customers? Yes, those that are so difficult to get, but that play a fundamental role for any company. Do you know how to identify and retain these types of customers?

If you still don’t know everything about them, at EAE, we’ll tell you all the keys.

What Is A High-Value Customer?

Customers who link to the high-value term are often loyal to the brand. In addition, they have the power to influence other people to buy our products or services. Contrary to popular belief, a high-value customer does not have to be an individual, and it can also be a company or brand.

A high-value customer refers to the importance that these have not only in the economic field, in addition it is very difficult to obtain them.

Characteristics Of A High-Value Customer

A high-value customer must have a series of requirements to be referred to as such. Among the most important qualities are the following:


A high-value customer should help us drive business. In addition, it also has to create an effective marketing strategy.

Time As A Client

You can’t get valuable customers overnight. For this reason, these types of clients have spent time-consuming in the company and performing their other fundamental roles.

To increase customer life, you must ensure that whatever you offer is new and useful. To do this, you must use logical sequences that cause chain purchase actions so that the fluidity of the valued customer does not disappear.

Economic Capacity

A high-value customer should not only be able to afford the cheapest products. This type of customer must buy the products regardless of the price. Therefore, they must accept what you sell for the simple reason that it is your brand.

This requirement is the most difficult to achieve due to the great competition that exists in the market. Differentiation strategies will help consumers not hesitate between your products and others.

Easy Collaboration

These customers are easy to deal with, and workers should feel comfortable and enjoy serving them. Otherwise, the service you will provide will be lousy, and they will stop buying your products or services.

It is as simple as when you water a plant, and it rewards you with fruit. If you stop watering it and giving it the necessary care, it will wither and never return to its optimal state.

Ways To Identify A High-Value Customer

Identifying these customers is almost as important as keeping them. Next, we will tell you the keys so that in the not-too-distant future, you can also specify these clients.

1. Implement And Analyze A Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs help create value and encourage consumption levels. In turn, these programs promise rewards to their consumers if they purchase any of your products or services. 

Thanks to the implementation of one of these programs, you will be able to get them to acquire your products or services in greater quantities. Also, if customers take the time to sign up for your program, you will probably ensure that they come back to buy.

An example of these programs is when you become a business member and collect points with the card they have provided you every time you go. You may have a similar store next door. However, you decide to walk a few more streets to go to the other one because you only have 30 points left to get a free towel.

If you already have one of these programs, then you only have to monitor that your consumers are using them and that they share them with other people. Otherwise, it would be best to consider another loyalty strategy to increase their consumption.

2. Customer Survey

This can be one of the most direct and effective ways to identify a valuable customer. Ask consumers directly about which products or services they consume the most. However, people are not always encouraged to participate in surveys, so we recommend that you offer them an incentive in exchange for such valuable information.

3. Participation Metrics

As we have discussed before, high-value customers are a type of influencer for other consumers. That is, it is not about how much money they spend on your brand, but with whom they share their shopping experience. How To Identify A High-Value Customer

In social networks and websites, you can apply metrics to know how many users follow us, interact and visit the page (whether or not they are followers). Among all the users, you will surely find some who are more aware of your social networks, and these will be precisely the high-value clients. How To Identify A High-Value Customer

Ways To Retain A High-Value Customer

Now you know how to identify a high-value customer, but do you know how to keep it? We tell you some keys to optimize its value while developing mutual and beneficial relationships! How To Identify A High-Value Customer

Build Strong Relationships And Keep Track

Did you know that after-sales service is also very important? If you must be clear about one thing, the greater the value the client receives, the more relationship he will have with the company. To cultivate a strong and lasting relationship with them, you can use different techniques, such as sending them follow-up emails.

Deliver What You Promise

Lies have very short legs and can cause big problems in a business. Nobody likes to feel ripped off, least of all customers who are loyal to a brand. One wrong action can erase all the right ones in one fell swoop. How To Identify A High-Value Customer 

Expectations must be realistic and not override reality. An unsatisfied customer can share their experience and create a stir. Make sure you only promise what you can deliver.

Manage Social Networks

As you may already know, social media is one of the most effective tools for connecting with customers. Thanks to them, you can involve customers through infographics, videos, or participatory dynamics such as a raffle.

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