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HomeTECHNOLOGYWhat Is IVR Or Interactive Voice Response?

What Is IVR Or Interactive Voice Response?

What Is IVR Or Interactive Voice Response? An IVR system is a valuable tool for companies offering products and services and receiving customer calls daily. This is a way to manage communications better and offer your users a quality experience.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this technology and why it is essential for your business to have systems that better manage customer service.

Definition And History Of The IVR

An IVR or interactive voice response system is an innovative telephony technology. It is designed to facilitate the attention of the users of companies dedicated to the service sector and the sale of products of all kinds.

The operation of these IP telephony systems is effortless. When a person calls, they can select options related to products, services, troubleshooting, and more using their mobile.

When a digit is pressed on the mobile keyboard, a tone is sent that the system 

interprets—this responds appropriately to the number that has been packed. A clear example is the bank telemarketers, who make us press various keys to access multiple services or to speak with the telemarketers.

These types of technologies are also known as virtual switchboards and are programmed by companies specialized in the telecommunications area.

The history of this technology began in 1970. Even though it is one of the oldest innovations in telecommunications and customer service, it was costly and complex to apply at that time. This required a considerable investment of means and resources to automate tasks.

Over the years, the capability of this telephony technology has been improving. Today it has become increasingly crucial to serve the large numbers of customers who call companies of all types and sizes every day. Likewise, the costs of this technology have become accessible to all kinds of companies, from the largest to the smallest.

Advantages Of An IVR

An interactive voice response has multiple benefits for your business. Some of them are:

  • The customer experience is vastly improved. You can offer customer service 24 hours a day, offering them the information they need instantly, at any time of the day. When the customer is satisfied, they become loyal to the brand.
  • Faster resolution of problems. With software for virtual switchboards, it is much easier to manage customers. The program automatically directs them to the competence areas of their problems or needs.
  • Savings in operating costs. You won’t need to hire so many telemarketers by configuring the responses. This dramatically reduces the costs of your customer service.
  • Reduce the workload of your operators. With an IVR, the workload of your operators is lightened. In this way, efficiency improves since you can allocate them to serve customers in their area of ​​competence, whether in sales, advice, or making claims or suggestions.
  • You project a favorable image for your company. When you offer a better experience to the user, it immediately improves their concept of the company. Having these types of systems also supports the brand, as it gives the appearance of having a larger workforce.

Why Is It So Necessary To Have A Functional IVR?

The key to growth in business is meeting customers’ needs. And one way to do it is to have all the means to provide personalized and effective customer service. For this, it is necessary to have an interactive voice response system since, as we have seen, it benefits both the company and the user in everything related to the service.

We have likely all been victims of poor customer service from some companies. Usually, this causes us to cancel the subscription or contract of that service. An IVR streamlines the customer service process, optimizes it, and guarantees success in our business.

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