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Experiential Marketing: What Is It, And How To Apply It?

What Is Experiential Marketing? 

Experiential Marketing: What Is It, And How To Apply It? Experiential Marketing is one of the most current trends and a very effective way to differentiate yourself from the competition. In an increasingly competitive landscape, arousing emotions is the key to attracting new customers and retaining the ones we already have. 

The success of experiential marketing lies in the fact that it is a benefit for both customers and the brand itself since its ultimate goal is to make the consumer fall in love.

In this way, the center of the entire purchasing process is the customer: marketing, the use of the product or service, and customer service.

Experiential Marketing At The Point Of Sale

refers to taking utmost care of the consumer experience to make each purchase a unique experience with positive feelings. All the details surrounding the purchase process must be taken into accounts, such as the decoration of the store, the design of the packaging, the attention in the checkout line, or the after-sales service. 

Still, you should not appeal to the rational side but the emotional one to generally build a feeling of gratitude or well-being that leads to repeat purchases.

For example, if the product sold is a photography camera, the customer may be offered participation in a workshop to learn the basics of photographic composition. In this way, you will live a complete experience, and the brand will be able to last in your memory for a long time. A good option is to appeal to the customer’s senses: smell, sight, touch…; emotional marketing affects purchase decisions.

For example, you can offer a snack to customers waiting to be served to turn a regular purchase into a different experience and make them feel treated with care.

Experiential Street Marketing 

Another way to create experiences for customers or potential customers is to use the street as a stage. Using guerrilla marketing when creating your campaigns is an excellent way to make these emotions feel.

 Five keys to experiential marketing

  •  Know the context of the clients: knowing their cultural and sociological environment to know what may interest and excite them is one of the essential points.
  •  Develop a strategy: identify the type of experiences that can positively impact your customers. 
  • It affects the relationship with customers: Every part of the company that is in a relationship with the customer, from salespeople to social media managers, must work hard to delight the customer.
  •  Listen to the market: listening to your customers and adapting to their needs is the easiest way to create a fantastic experience. 
  • Make the customer feel like a protagonist: this will create a more outstanding affective commitment to the brand.

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