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HomeMARKETINGThe Best Marketing Automation Tools: "Great Fit" Category

The Best Marketing Automation Tools: “Great Fit” Category

1) Act-On

The Best Marketing Automation Tools: “Great Fit” Category This marketing automation tool includes outbound and inbound functionality and allows you to track all touchpoints to respond to individual customer journeys. 

2) Capture

A comprehensive platform that includes lead generation solutions, audience interaction, event management, and customer retention, among others. Its pricing scheme is quite profitable since you can hire it for $175 per month. 

3) Deliver

This marketing automation solution focuses on simplicity. It is looking to offer the user the possibility of creating their personalized marketing automation strategy in a short time and without complications.

 4) Drip

Drip is an eCommerce CRM designed to build profitable, personalized customer relationships at scale.  In addition to creating custom emails and workflows, it’s also integrated with Facebook’s custom audiences feature. 

5) eTrigue

This tool has automation functions through its Demand Center platform, which allows for creating partner channel campaigns, direct emails, landing pages, real-time lead alerts, and simple or complex campaigns, all with functionalities such as ” drag and drop.” 

6) Hubspot

Hubspot has a lot of super-useful tools for marketers, and marketing automation is no exception. Its Workflows solution is designed to drive growth and spend less time on repetitive tasks.

 7) Marketo

Another of the great classics on the market. This company claims to have “solutions for all digital marketing needs,” from lead management to mobile marketing

8) Salesforce Pardot

Marketing automation software for B2-B businesses helps marketers generate more leads, close more sales, and maximize ROI.

 9) Sales Fusion

This marketing automation tool is primarily aimed at marketing teams of medium-sized companies. Its strengths are scalability and integrations with leading CRM platforms. 

10) Dotmailer

Now known as “dot digital Engagement Cloud,” this tool is trusted by over 4,000 brands. It focuses on developing customer interactions and journeys with an omnichannel approach. 

11) Envoke

Software that focuses on the generation of leads, with particular emphasis on self-qualified tips, that is, on getting the users themselves to ask to be contacted. 

12) Lead Squared

A complete enterprise CRM and marketing automation solution, including lead capture and management, sales management, and analytics. 

13) Movable Ink

This tool focuses on helping digital marketers create visual and unique experiences across different channels. This focus on visuals is its most distinctive feature. 

14) Oracle Eloqua

Award-winning software packed with features, from segmentation and targeting to campaign management.

 15) Synergize

A tool focused on artificial intelligence and data science is always committed to the latest innovations in the sector. Its functionalities include data orchestration, prescriptive analysis, and hyper-personalization.

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