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How To Make A Good Web Positioning

How To Make A Good Web Positioning: In the past, we made a website that showed the services or products we offer, and we felt that we had fulfilled the objective of our presence on the internet. However, in the last five years, this has changed radically. Now the goal is to make a good web positioning and what page I need.

1. Generation Of Content

The first thing we must be clear about is that there are no valid shortcuts. Make it clear that there are, but not in the long run, and Google will put us on our site and take us out of the equation. Content is one of the main parts of any website, and good SEO positioning is essential.

We must have our own good, quality, informative and different content. It is useless to make a copy of the manufacturer or a competitor because although a user who enters for the first time will not possibly know that it is a copy, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo… do know it and you know it.

Therefore, one of the first points we must meet to make a good web positioning is to have quality content that must also complete a series of points that we will see later and that are widely discussed in content marketing campaigns.

Each section must have well-structured content and relevance with its corresponding H1, H2, and H3. The term to be positioned is contemplated several times in the content, name of the photos, and description of the section…

2. A Good Web Design

By a good web design, we do not mean that the web is beautiful or super original (this is also fine, but it is not the relevant object in this section), but that the approach of the web is professional and well elaborated.

As we have commented in previous articles and dealt with in-depth, a web design is an initial approach to the web and its contents and the study of the audience profile we want to capture. How To Make A Good Web Positioning

We must have well-identified the content tree that we will use on our page and the contents themselves so that, based on these, we can create a simple, intuitive, friendly web design that captures the attention of our visitors and retains them.

It is precisely the retention that shows the search engines the page’s quality since a user who clicks on a search result but stays for a short time (less than 30 seconds) is considered a bouncer. That is that its content is irrelevant to him, and Google recognizes this action by moving the page to lower results, hence again, the importance of quality content and good web design. How To Make A Good Web Positioning

3. Take Great Care Of Web Development

If by design, we have discussed planning, approach, and structure with web development, we are discussing the execution of the entire project. It is the application and programming of all the proposed designs, so we must be cautious in its implementation.

The vast majority of clients are satisfied with a nice design with their content on a WordPress web page, using a slightly modified template with their photos, texts, colors, and logo, but this is on the opposite side of what we should do for pure ignorance.

Google is a technical inspector that looks at the guts of our website, and it does not enter into whether the colors are beautiful or ugly, whether the photo is nice or a copy. Google leaves this decision to be made by the users, spending more or less time on the web. Web and controls it with bounces.

What Google does see, rates and values are how well or poorly the web is developed and how its source code is. How To Make A Good Web Positioning

The source code is the programming of a website that makes what we have inserted appear as it has to be displayed.

We should integrate WordPress without debugging and put a template design. In that case, we will set a lot of rubbish that search engines are neither interested in nor value positively, so we are saying that we need to learn how to make websites. We are copying code from another with all its variants of styles we are not applying.

In short, if we want a website that seeks the starting point, we must do it well, refined, and with custom designs without templates. How To Make A Good Web Positioning

4. Find A Trusted Host Without Limitations

Having our website hosted on a “low cost” hosting is like trying to win a race with the handbrake on, impossible. Low-cost servers limit processes, database queries, simultaneous processes… and it is logical because they are selling for cents what costs euros.

If we have completed the previous steps, we will have already spent good money, and it does not make sense to host it on a cheap host when we need maximum performance for our website.

We must look for quality hosting where what prevails is the highest performance and not the lowest cost, we all like to pay as little as possible, but I assure you that there are no secrets, a good server with good internet flow, security, performance… it’s worth what it’s worth and hosts what it can host.

As it is possible that it is not clear to you, let me give you one more example, when you go to buy a laptop or a mobile and you see the great variety of prices that there are, do you go for the cheapest one or the one that gives you the benefits you need? Why are there apparent differences between all of them? Well then, the same thing happens on the servers where you host your website but also offer the service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to all your customers. How To Make A Good Web Positioning

5. Update Your Website, And Don’t Let It Die

One of the worst things you can do is create a website, spend good money on something with options and not update it. I was sad to see how large companies, and not so large, paid between €2,000 and €5,000 to create beautiful, well-worked pages, adapted to all devices, with dreamlike usability, and then they didn’t add new content for months.

Our company is Future Garden Communication SA, the future garden of communications. Still, the object of the name is perfect and representative because it considers that communications with customers and, therefore, the web must be treated as a living system, in which The web is a seed that is planted and cared for with good hosting and watered with content that is added every day, week or month (be it news, events, products, services… whatever).

These contents send an important message to search engines like Google, and it is: “we are alive, our information is updated, and we are dynamic. Send me people.”

An updated website means that every time Google and other search engines go through our website to crawl it, indexing times are shortened because we have new information periodically, and search engines want to stay on time. This is another central element of good web positioning and is to be up to date.

6. Generate Links From Outside To Your Page

It is known in our slang as link building, and we can do atrocities of link exchanges and blog networks… just put Google SEO black hat on, and you will have shortcuts that you wish you had never entered in the future.

The links mark the quality and relevance of our website because the more connections we have from outside, the more relevant our content is. However, we must be careful with what type of links we have because some of them can penalize us significantly.

Google and the other search engines have a parameter called “Spam Score.” They are pages with links to many other websites that need more sense and vice versa to give an artificially higher page authority.

There are massive link registration programs, but we repeat, this is something that we discourage.

Let’s look for articles in the media with a name and links from social networks and offer articles of interest to the press…

It may be one of the most complex and tedious parts that you should leave for a company that offers this service, primarily because of the necessary contacts, the form, and the constant work it implies.

He would be creating a corporate blog with quality content and hoping others will link you.

7. Use Social Networks

Social networks have three main advantages:

  • They are free.
  • They are links from outside to your website.
  • They can bring audiences to your website if managed with knowledge.

In return, they will eat up your time and work, but if you are clear about your goal, it would be good if you dedicate a few minutes a day to update them with content from your website and try to attract people to it.

If you realize everything is about generating quality content that captures your audience. Nobody likes to be sold a motorcycle, and we want to learn, so generate relevant content you have learned or seen.

Social networks are an informal way of having contact with your clients or potential clients, where trust and closeness are more significant than on the web since active topics are usually dealt with.

8.Haz To Web 2.0

A web 2.0 is one in which content is not only provided but others are allowed to collaborate and contribute how?, allowing them, when we make an article for a blog, to comment on it or the FAQs area with frequently asked questions the client can ask his own in open fields.

It is about letting visitors participate on the web, contribute their knowledge or ask us their questions, which other users also have.

Forums are and have been brutal tools for expanding knowledge and collaborative work, but they grow so fast that they get out of control and require almost full-time staff so that they stay within your initial project.

The most used are blog articles like this one, where readers can ask questions and have them answered. However, it would be best to filter before publishing automatically because it does not always involve the topic. We can be surprised if we leave the comments open and auto-publishable. How To Make A Good Web Positioning

9. Related And Simple Domain

The domain name has always been important, at first a lot, then less and again a lot. It must be a simple name, easy to remember, that represents what we are going to show, and if it also contains the main search word, all the better.

For example, if we are going to set up a law firm and the domain contains the term lawyers and also contains it at the beginning, much better.

If my last name is Pastor, I can put the domain AbogadosPastor, and I will get all my search criteria with the term lawyers to be enhanced by including it at the beginning of the environment.

Then creativity is always a plus but only makes it subject to natural positioning if you are clear that you will create a super brand and have a great wallet to do everything you need.

10. Balance Of The Nine Previous Points

As they say: “virtue is in the middle” do not force yourself to do everything at once and in a big way because it will simply be impossible.

Generate quality content little by little once a week or a month, depending on your ability and knowledge.

The domain that is easy to remember and commercial does not force originality with a part that has to be read several times to see how it is written.

Make links within your reach with social networks and some directories… but without force.

The important thing is to go little by little but with definitive solutions.

The first thing is a good, attractive, friendly web design with exciting content that you can contribute and suitable web development. Pay attention to the cost because the boat will take a long time and will be the first marker of your success or failure.

Once your perfect website is made, feed it with social networks that expose your content and share it with others.

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