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HomeMARKETINGThe Briefing Of ​​Marketing or Advertising

The Briefing Of ​​Marketing or Advertising

The Briefing Of ​​Marketing or Advertising: It is usual that when we work in the area of ​​Marketing or Advertising, we need to gather all possible information from our client to be able to follow some actions and carry out the final objective that the client wants. This information that we have mentioned is usually grouped in a Briefing. Would you like to know how to make a good Briefing? Keep reading!

Briefing, What Is It?

Before learning how to make a Briefing, we are going to know its meaning and some aspects that we must take into account: it is a written document that collects information about the situation for the commercialization of a product or the position of a company.

The purpose of the document is to know the problem, the objectives set and the goal that our client wants to achieve. This way, we will know what actions we must carry out to achieve it. The Briefing Of ​​Marketing or Advertising 

However, no briefing is standard or applicable to all companies or clients we will need as information will depend on the type of Briefing, company or market we want to target.


There are four types of Briefing depending on the characteristics and use:


This type of Briefing can suggest the final creative development to propose original ideas in its creation and in accordance with the client’s objectives. It is oriented to the design part.


In this case, we will need the advertiser to deliver to the agency or those in charge of developing the communication campaign the information or instructions to carry it out.


We collect information for the development of Communication and Marketing campaigns. In this Briefing, the other types can be taken into account. However, in this one, we establish a starting situation to develop Marketing campaigns traditionally or digitally.


In the Business Briefing, the company considers the project’s general details (objectives, target, sales…), which does not have to be Marketing. 

The Briefing Step By Step

As we have mentioned, no standard or everyday Briefing applies to everything we do. Still, it is possible to make an approximation of what type of sections or essential points we can implement in any Briefing: The Briefing Of ​​Marketing or Advertising 

General Information And Strategies

At this point, we can include information regarding the following:

  • Customer or company name
  • Products and services that it sells, its distribution and its prices
  • Dimension
  • Mission, values ​​and vision
  • What geographical area is it directed to?
  • objectives
  • Communication plan
  • Web positioning that you have
  • Market experience, advantage and competitive position

Opportunities And Problems

In this section, we must detail the problems that they currently have, the reason and the consequences or repercussions that they have due to these problems. We will also need to list any opportunities the company or client thinks they could use.

Market And Competition

Obtain information regarding the evolution and market shares. Next, we identify the leading competitors and what types of Marketing strategies they use. Finally, we have to list the characteristics of the audience to which the client or the company is directed.


In this part of resources, we must know what the client or the company has invested to date, how much they are willing to invest in carrying the shares, and the team they have.

Campaigns (For Marketing And Advertising)

In this last section, we will detail all the information about the campaign :

  • Target audiences
  • Objectives according to the type of Briefing (Design, Marketing, Advertising…)
  • Campaign message, tone and image
  • What do they want to achieve, and what do they want their public to think after the campaign
  • Actions and results carried out in the past
  • Budget to implement new actions
  • Timing

With all this information, you can have an idea to make a good Briefing. Remember that it should be a short, precise, direct document and not introduce information that is not very relevant.  

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