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What Is Marketing Automation Or Marketing Automation?

What Is Marketing Automation Or Marketing Automation?: This methodology uses software to automate all the processes derived from a digital marketing strategy, such as segmentation, workflow generation, lead nurturing, and campaign management. Therefore, you must identify the profile of your buyer persona, at what stage of the buyer’s journey they are, and, based on this, generate valuable content that meets their needs

Nine benefits of marketing automation

 Is a potent tool that produces excellent results for both small and large companies in terms of executing campaigns, efficient time management, and contacting customers in a more way

1. Segmentation Of Your Target Audience

Instead of manually separating your customers based on their needs and preferences, marketing automation allows you to segment your database automatically, creating segments based on the stage of the sales cycle in which your customers are located at a particular time.

2. Efficient Time Management

By automating your marketing processes, you can create different campaigns and schedule messages for a time and date in the future. For example, you could create and schedule all posts for an entire month on Facebook

3. Greater Effectiveness In Cultivating Leads.

Connecting with each potential customer will waste your time. Therefore, a marketing automation solution can help you connect with them from the beginning of their interaction with your company’s assets.

4. Monitoring Your Actions

A marketing automation tool allows you to track and monitor every activity you’re taking for each segment of your lead database. It will enable you to obtain detailed graphs, statistics, and data that you can later analyze to optimize your campaigns in the future

5. Optimizing Your Resources 

Marketing automation allows you to manage your budget effectively. By reducing the need for staff to collect information and create and distribute messages to your contacts, you can make the most of your resources

6. Real-Time Conversion 

The design of workflows and automated programs allow you to speak the same language as your client through their browsing habits: duration of the visit, bounce rate, click-through rate, etc.

7. Promotion Of Your Brand Image Via Mail And Social Networks 

By saving time and resources, you also can expand your campaigns through multiple marketing channels, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In this way, you will make your leads identify more and more with your brand and want to become customers.

8. Integration With A CRM

By integrating with a CRM, marketing automation will be the key to achieving more conversions throughout the Customer-Based Cycle. This way, you will prevent your valuable leads from escaping and have all the information you need to accompany them at the exact moment

9. Multi-Channel Management 

Thanks to the multiple channels consumers could be founded on, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of them. These platforms help you to have control over any channel.

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