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The Rise Of Social Television

The Rise Of Social Television Since its birth, television has been postulated as the primary means of communication worldwide. And it is that there are billions of people that he manages to gather throughout each day in front of his screen.

On the other hand, and without going any further, according to data from last year, approximately 98.7% of households worldwide were equipped with at least one television. In addition, the average daily consumption was 234 minutes for each individual, bringing together an average of more than 31,000,000 viewers per day.

All these data show the importance of television which, far from being outdated in the face of the appearance of new leisure alternatives, manages to reinvent itself with ever more extraordinary ingenuity. 

Social Television: A New Concept

And if we talk about reinvention, we must comment on the latest trend implemented by this means. We are talking about social television, a new concept that arises from the need to communicate and share almost The Rise Of Social Television instantly every experience lived, all of this extrapolated to the content programmed on each television channel.

This continuous interaction between users commenting on programs, series, movies, or the like is promoted through the different social networks and is sustained by the technological development brought together by the new generations of intelligent televisions or smart TVs, smartphones, computers, or tablets, among others.

And it is that today, it is easy to observe the synergy created between television consumption and that of other devices through multitasking. Consuming content through several devices simultaneously has become popular to such an extent that more than 80% of households with a television in Spain consume it accompanied by a second screen (primarily smartphones).

 A Great Opportunity For Marketing

Thanks to the second screen phenomenon, it is possible to create a mix that relates the contents for conventional television and those designed for each social network. And given its still limited exploitation, it can be a relevant and differentiating factor compared to the competition. 

In addition, the participation and interactivity between users that a spot can offer will be an excellent opportunity to establish and strengthen ties with your audience and maintain more direct contact with it.

This follows from the motivation that moves each viewer. This technology allows you to enrich your experience as a user, granting a greater sense of power and control over the content viewed. The Rise Of Social Television In addition, there are other relevant social factors such as the possibility of knowing different opinions, feeling integrated and valued within a community, and a long etcetera.

Some of the leading social networks have already implemented their new content to take advantage of this situation, as with Facebook Watch or Instagram TV (IGTV).

Now is your time! Join the social television revolution and increase the engagement of your audience.

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