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Clubhouse: The Trendy Social Network With Voice Chat

Club House: The Trendy Social Network: The podcast is, without a doubt, the format of the moment. Our frenetic pace of life and multitasking have favoured this format accompanying us daily while we work, play sports or clean the house. However, apps like Spotify or iVoox, both podcast apps, are platforms focused on individuality, going beyond the strictest meaning of the surname “social”.

Therefore, a market niche remained filled in the voice applications environment. And then came Clubhouse. Club House: The Trendy Social Network After a year of travel in which the podcast managed to consolidate itself, February 2021 was the month of the emergence of this new application, whose core was the voice and its distinctive interaction.

Because yes, until now, there were social networks where the voice was the protagonist (Spotify, iVoox) and others where the interaction between users was their reason for being (Twitter, Facebook). But neither combined these two characteristics.

Clubhouse, How Does It Work?

Clubhouse started as a private party that will imminently open its doors to everyone. And it is that, even now, the app is exclusive for iOS users, and to enter an invitation is necessary. Club House: The Trendy Social Network A pass can only be provided by other users who already have an account and have invitations, thus growing the community.

Once inside, the base of Clubhouse operation is its rooms, similar to Facebook groups but with the voice as the only resource. Public, social or private, they are presented as talks, presentations or debates to talk about endless topics with your contacts. Conversations have a beginning and an end since another of the peculiarities of this app with voice chat is that everything is temporary and live: nothing remains recorded to be retrieved later.

Lights And Shadows Of The App

However, despite its popularity, the takeoff of Clubhouse has both lights and shadows. The lights, evident, we have already commented on: the interaction in an environment in which it was not usual. The clouds, meanwhile, are also remarkable. And it is that this application, for the moment, is only available on iOS. But as we have already mentioned, its arrival on Android is just around the corner. And it is not for less: precisely in the same month of the hatching of Clubhouse, February 2021, the market share of this operating system was only 27.3%, compared to 71.9% of Android, so its target audience is tiny.

However, despite this barrier to reaching a broader audience, this podcasting and voice chat app’s impact on other social networks was remarkable. LinkedIn or Twitter users spread their chat rooms, gave invitations to new users or commented on talks that had taken place within Clubhouse. However, from that fever generated in February by Clubhouse, only a low-grade fever remains.

Has This Been The Clubhouse Boom?

At its peak to date, Clubhouse achieved seven million downloads in one month. Has this, therefore, been your peak of popularity?

We can see a paradigmatic case in terms of platform launches if we look back. Twitch began its journey as a streaming platform in 2011. After years of consistency without exceeding one million simultaneous viewers, its first peak came in 2015, surpassing two million concurrent viewers and being considered a phenomenon among the platforms of the moment. . However, the real Twitch boom is happening now. In January of this year, a peak of more than 6.5 million concurrent viewers was recorded. And this is just one of the records that the streaming platform has achieved in recent months. Will Clubhouse be living something similar?

The Reactive Response Of Other Social Networks

It is still early to link the words “Clubhouse” and “success”, but in a scenario in which “he who does not run, flies”, competitors have already emerged for Clubhouse. And no, they are not precisely “newbies” at this social media thing.

In this case, Twitter has raced to present, almost parallel to the Clubhouse phenomenon, Twitter Spaces. This new functionality within the application, to which only a group of users have access at the moment, aims to create voice chat rooms. Will Twitter be able to unseat Clubhouse, just like Instagram did with Snapchat, by recreating its Stories? At the moment, if it is more successful than its fleets, it will be a success of the platform.

In a similar way to Clubhouse, Telegram has also further developed its voice chats, now available in public channels and groups and with several advantages over Clubhouse: both iOS and Android users can access them without any problem case, the content can be saved.

Will the Clubhouse app take advantage of the phenomenon launch in February? After this “first wave”, if one thing is clear, it is that the room for improvement is still extensive. But time flies on the internet, and word has already spread among podcast apps. And what do you think about voice chats? Tell us!

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